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CloudINX A leading ICT communications consulting company providing simple connected, borderless scalable communication. We offer managed business solutions for a hyper converged voice, video and data network, over a combination of linked submarine cables, microwave radio, satellite and intra-city optical fiber transmission systems through a footprint of global connected networks, data centres and exchanges.

A Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that provides innovative, flexible and dependable data management strategies to overcome todays growing data and connectivity challenges.

Specialised in scale-out data centre solutions for today’s hyper connected cloud pipe environments.

24/7 NOC
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Our Global NOCs
We support a simple connected cloud ecosystem that carries and connects HD Voice, Video and Data networks interconnected via global data centers in the worlds top business markets. Our technology professionals help clients resolve some of their critical ICT Cloud challenges, all in support of overall business operations.

CloudINX is an Independent Network Exchange linking advanced meshed networks.

A primary component of any CloudINX offering is best of breed cloud solution partnerships, each adding value to the Network Exchange.

Highly reliable, scalable and secure real time monitoring of cloud networking services. Providing a unique range of premiere innovative on demand public, private and hybrid cloud networking solutions, linking clients across US, Europe, Africa and Asia.


On demand cloud connectivity that gives you control over your network.

(IaaS) Rack and Data Centre Solutions.

(DRaaS) Disaster Recovery Hardware and Software backup as a Service.

(NaaS) Network as a Service Optimization of connected resources.

(PaaS) Platform as a Service Virtual Machines, backups and storage, load balancing.

(SaaS) Software as a Service Hosted Exchange, and Applications.

(TaaS) Telephony as a service Activate your own local phone number (anywhere in the world and forward calls to any location a virtual PBX solution no hardware required (perfect for setting up a remote virtual office anywhere.)

(RaaS) Professional Audit network reporting reduce data loss. Best practice compliance, deep analysis of servers, blade systems, network switches, storage and virtualisation.

Global customers, include industry leaders in energy, enterprise, media, marine, mining. ISP, telco and many more.


Global network partners

200+ points of presence
55+ major metropolitan markets
7 continents
800+ inter connected networks

CloudINX assists our customers to do what they do best, while we manage their cloud, telephonyy and data centre requirements, managing more users, more locations, more distance, more demands on IT, more user expectations, more infrastructures, and more data in multiple locations.

Connectivity, DR and Backup
IX remote Peering & Transit
Rack Colocation and Data centre services
Physical and Virtualised Data Centre Services
Cloud client platform
Dedicated and non-oversubscribed connections

State of the Data Centres
24/7/365 guards and video monitoring
Secure Biometric identification, access list
99.999% uptime with full UPS power
Min N+1 (or greater) redundancy
Certification in a variety of global markets.

Connected Global Exchanges that provide our customers with Simple Communication Solutions.


CloudINX Exchange A Global Telecoms Provider.

Simple solutions, enhancing business efficiencies, ROI, Global Connectivity, increased productivity & cost-effective voice video and data solutions.

CloudINX connects to any location in the world. Carries HD Voice, Video & Data to the world’s top business markets. Securely interconnecting through the worlds top Global Data Centres.

Today, enterprise CIOs are demanding fast dedicated, secure, simplified operations, and connectivity from leading cloud service providers (CSPs) for their mission-critical cloud applications and services, with reduced complexity.

CloudINX is a Global Telecoms Cloud Service Provider (CSP) providing cloud services to public and private sector organizations to establish a presence via a global footprint.

We provide innovative end-to-end tailored network based cloud solutions that boost businesses, efficiencies, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

CloudINX uses a global Tier 1 IP network, connects to any location in the world and with any application in the cloud.

Hosted Cloud Computing
Data Centre Backup & Disaster Recovery
Networking, Servers,Virtualisation
Security Intrusion Detection/Prevention
Unified communications
Managed Services
Maintenance SLA, Project Management,
Design & Development

What we do

CloudINX an Independent Network Exchange,

Our Sales Consultants have the technical experience, flexibility, and deep knowledge on how to leverage the Cloud Exchange, deploy an enterprise node presence, or enhance your telephony requirement with colocation services available in secure and reliable data centers worldwide. With over >99.99999% up time, our Sales Consultants can create scalable and cost-effective IT solutions for enterprise customers that need to meet commercial and government compliance requirements including PCI DSS, FISMA, DIACAP and HIPAA. Our team of experienced staff serves clients around the world with local and international telephony solutions.
Clientele range from multinational corporations to SME and ISPs with complex telecommunications systems.

Delivering a new model for network infrastructure, making the network mirror the simplicity, agility and efficiency of the cloud, so that you can connect your clouds anywhere in the world. On demand cloud connectivity that gives you control over your network. And changes what is possible – in the cloud.

We maintain extensive relationships with major international transit carriers, tier 1 upstream access providers, and equipment manufactures.

We continuously monitor and upgrade our core networks, with careful capacity planning ensuring limited bottlenecks and sufficient on demand solutions to handle sudden unpredictable requirements.

Expanding market reach
Global meshed redundant network connectivity is a fundamental requirement for realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

Simple Solutions

CloudINX gives enterprises friction free access to cloud connectivity.

Our platform has been designed to deliver on demand connectivity that is; scalable, flexible, transparent and ready to offer guaranteed Quality Of Service (QOS), analytics and performance for your business on a global scale.

By leveraging our global network, you not only benefit from a suite of cloud enablement solutions but gain access to the world’s largest cloud ecosystems and its service providers but streamlined connectivity to leading cloud providers.

Our Certified Data center consultants offers guidance every step of the way by performing detailed business and technical analysis of your networks and providing disaster recovery recommendations to optimize network application performance and ensure business continuety.

Intergration (SI) and customisation ensures secure and private data center solutions with burstable elastic capabilities, seamlessly interconnection between LANs and WANs, secure data environments, a lower OPEX, with higher scalability.

“Demand for cloud based is accelerating, that means connectivity is becoming more critical for enterprises, they need to go beyond basic internet access, find better ways to connect cloud applications. Connecting to the cloud should be a simple, agile and efficient as the cloud services it supports. – (Too often this isn’t the case.)
Manual order processes, time lags and complicated commercial agreements, combined with the security, performance and reliability challenges of connecting via open IP networks means cloud services are complex, and difficult to deliver. Today’s enterprises need access to cloud applications, with guaranteed SLAs, a high level of performance, complete visibility over their own network. They need a better way to connect to the cloud."

A Cloud CSP

This fully automated platform makes it simple to scale up or down - as per your requirements.

We offer hybrid cloud scenarios with a full combination of public IP access and private ethernet wide area networks, guaranteed quality of service and visibility to give you complete visibility over your cloud connectivity.

We match the right access technology with the right network architecture, create a robust environment for cloud service delivery. We provide solutions for real time visibility performance, enabling you to monitor the quality of your connectivity – end to end. Our team of experienced staff serves clients around the world with complex connectivity solutions.

CloudINX connects, protects and powers the digital economy, connects to the core of other internet providers. Providing a consistent level of reliability and service.

As an independent network exchange point we switch and connect clients across all 7 continents.

Our clients trust us to deliver secure mission critical solutions with simplicity, speed and agility. Standard architecture, stringent security solutions and a range of cloud brokerage services to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments for our clients.

CloudINX. Simply.Connect

Effective Strategies

Supported locally. Connected globally Choice of international locations
On-demand, automated connectivity
End-to-end service performance
Driving business value

Standard Network Architecture

Burstable secure connections
One port, many virtual circuits
Global connectivity
SDN Software Defined Networking
Independent Network Exchange

Communication Solutions
Secure and reliable
Access thousands of ecosystems
Enterprise grade connectivity
Simple effective platform
Guaranteed SLAs