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Our cloud strategy focuses on creating new and uncontested market spaces, rather than competing in existing markets. Working in the highly competitive telecommunications industry by offering innovative cloud-based services that meet the evolving needs of customers.

This strategy requires telcos and carriers to identify and tap into new customer segments that are currently underserved or not served at all. We offer tailored cloud solutions that address specific customer pain points, such as lack of flexibility, payment options, scalability, connectivity and security.

In addition, telcos and carriers are differentiating themselves from competitors with CloudINX as their cloud partner of choice, by focusing on value innovation rather than cost-cutting. This involves investing in cutting-edge technologies, such as new mediums to connect, 5G, edge computing, AI, SD-WAN and an automated platform to deliver superior cloud services that meet the unique needs of customers in the telco and carrier market.

We continue to collaborate with other industry players, including other cloud service providers, equipment manufacturers, network providers and software developers. By working together, telcos and carriers are leveraging their respective strengths to deliver global innovative cloud services that create value for customers and drive compinded growth for the industry as a whole.

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