About The CloudINX Exchange

The Cloud Exchange from CloudINX is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access for cloud adoption to multiple clouds and multiple networks across the globe. Corporate accounts receive direct support from one of our corporate account managers throughout the provisioning process.

We also provide a “full satisfaction guarantee or your money back” option to corporate accounts during the initial testing period to eliminate potential risk and to ensure complete service integration.

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One Global Solution to connect your Business Anywhere. CloudINX simplifies your business operations by providing one bill, one Account Executive and one Network Operations Center to service your account. CloudINX offers a variety of Broadband access speeds and technologies giving your business the flexibility to find a solution that fits your budget.

Since inception, 2006 and the purchase of two small ISPs, in 2008 we have seen year on year growth in revenue and 100% customer retention, a combination of local and international managed projects. We are also selective of the clients and projects we onboard.

CloudINX is a scalable, fully automated cloud-based service solution that gives our customers the same level of control and resources as a traditional bricks and mortar data center, but without the cost of the equipment, power, colocation, network and manpower needed to implement, build and maintain.

Enterprise class hardware in state-of-the-art global data centers, maintained according to world standards. The ability to create a secure environment by integrating a VPN/MPLS into the virtual environment. Flexibility and peace of mind – Scale your server solution as your business grows, located in secure datacentre locations. Provide real-time control over your computing environment.

Predictability – Fixed monthly costs means you can plan your budget.
Cost effective – no upfront equipment and skill sets needed. Let CloudINX maintain your Data and connected solutions.

Accelerated infrastructure delivery.
Enterprises can ensure that IT moves at the speed of business while maintaining security and control. while having the ability to create and connect networks within the Physical or Virtual Data Centre environments. Pay only for what you need.

Simplyfing Outdated Connected Infrastructures
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CloudINX simplifies our business operations by providing one bill, one Account Executive and one Network Operations Center to service our account. A reveloutionary approach to reliability. CloudINX offers a variety of broadband access speeds and technologies giving our business the flexibility to find a solution that fits our budget.
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CloudINX meets our business requirements by connecting remote employees, providing digital transformation and assist with business transformations, simplifing complex connectivity, and securing our corporate network with cloud applications, BYOD, email, web server security, and file sharing can be a daunting challenge. We outsourced our technolgy to CloudINX freeing up our technical resources, this lets us focus on what we do best, CloudINX provides a turnkey solution for keeping our business running efficiently and productivity.


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