Our Services and Solutions

Consulting and Design
CloudINX operate in a layer between cloud vendors and private Enterprises, integrating various cloud services on one platform and making it easier for businesses to manage, navigate, integrate & consume cloud services, whilst reducing cost and risk at the same time.

CloudINX has partnered with leading Providers to bring clients a highly intergrated cloud pipe solution. Our policy is to collaborate with global Internet exchanges, upstream providers and data centres allowing our clients to have a choice of best of breed service offerings providing private, public and hybrid network solutions to any location in the world via one cloud network.

Data Centre Infrastructure Development
As the ICT industry moves into the cloud era, broadband infrastructure needs fast track rapid service innovation. However Broadband access infrastructure is an asset-heavy and investment hungry development with a lengthy engineering lead time. We simplify the proces and work with telecommunications network providers, Architects and Civil Engineers that specializes in providing secure, reliable, interconnected next generation network solutions. An eco-system of trusted advisories and manufactures.

We design, build and operate and maintain ‘best of breed’ infrastructure that is used in building data centers for demanding customers across UAE, UK and Africa, through key Partnerships (Additional operations are planned for India in 2018.) We ship or fly in our custom designed Datacentres anywhere in the world, managed to the highest of industry standards, simply quickly and effectively.

Data Centre to Data Centre Networks
Our Clients include public and private cloud platform providers, system integrators, managed hosting providers. CloudINX have strong relationships with many worldwide service providers and diverse Global networks to bring our clients a single customer solution. The networks on which We operate carry an impressive share of the world's Internet traffic.

We continually strive to expand our geographic reach through a connected network.

Our IP solutions provide the reliability, scalability and performance that your business demands. Together with our Partners, our Customer base is in high growth market segments, including financial services, Enterprise trading and interconnect to other managed services providers, digital media and carriers. Customers in these target markets enable expansion of existing communities of interest and build new, high-value communities of interest within the Datacenter. CloudINX adds value in simplifying multiple vendors and contracts by offering a single sign-on point, for your high speed and secure requirements. Cloud technology allows any organisation to reduce their own investment in time and manage growing IT resources and ICT complexity. Whether it be simplicity, cost benefits, enhanced security.

Telephone Cloud Managed Services
Voice and data traffic is switched at global exchange points, traversed out of the network across secured links to the destination of the client’s choice. Utilizing network optimization we have seen the platform carry some of the world’s largest telephony traffic bypassing traditional telco networks and reducing expensive international call charges alleviating heavy oversubscribed telephony links. A routing table to any phones anywhere in the world. Customized solutions and pricing for corporate accounts with high call volume.

Available in a variety of deployment models including public, hybrid and private cloud The Virtual Office Cloud PBX phone system has analytics, provides actionable business intelligence for tightly controlling costs, resolving complex issues, predicting customer trends and optimizing network investments. Smarter day-to-day decision making.

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