For the Enterprise market.

Our cloud strategy focuses on creating new and uncontested market spaces, rather than competing in existing markets. In the cloud and enterprise markets, the Strategy though our partners identify unmet customer needs and create innovative solutions that meet those needs.

We identify new market spaces for cloud services that is currently untapped. By offering unique features and capabilities that are not currently available in the mainstream market, such as specialized security, connectivity or compliance features, and focusing on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier industry and vertical that has unique needs. In the enterprise market, our Strategy involve creating new solutions that address the needs of specific industries such as enterprise, and SME healthcare, education, finance, smart city, and manufacturing. This involves developing specialized software and services that address the unique challenges and requirements of those industries, such as regulatory compliance and data privacy. Our Strategy in the cloud and enterprise markets is to focus on innovation and differentiation, rather than simply competing on price or features with existing solutions. By identifying unmet customer needs and creating innovative solutions that address those needs, working with companies through our partnerships to create new market spaces and drive growth across the industry.

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