Laser Light Companies & Nokia Agree to Accelerate and Scale Deployment of All-Optical Global Network.

Reston, VA, June 14, 2023 – Laser Light Companies and Nokia have agreed on a $25 million (USD) Beta Program to commence the deployment of Laser Light’s planned global all-optical network. In the agreement, Laser Light will exclusively use Nokia optical and IP solutions and technologies to enable the first stage of its planned Extended Ground Network System (“XGNS”) to reach and serve diverse locations. Following the initial Beta in Australia, other Beta locations are planned for the United States, Chile, Spain, and Africa later this year. When completed, Laser Light and Nokia’s Beta Program will operate a meshed global platform connecting 5 continents, enabling demonstration of advanced data services and the platform to support integration activities ahead of the global commercial network.

“Nokia has been a wonderful strategic partner for us this past year, and we are honored to be able to continue our collaboration on our network,” said Bob Brumley, Chairman and CEO of Laser Light Companies. “Their commitment to our Beta Program, combined with their technologies and expertise, will allow us to accelerate and scale our deployment even further and faster.”

Laser Light’s global elastic network will initially comprise more than 200 locations of globally meshed optical infrastructure – subsea cable, terrestrial fiber, data facilities, and an industry-first constellation of all-optical satellites – to offer highly secure, high capacity, low latency data services to users in the Metro, Near & Far Edge data markets. Each location will serve regional, local defined data pools, seeking low latency, lower cost access to Cloud services, including Edge computing and robust content delivery.

“We are honoured to have been working closely with Laser Light since our Memorandum of Collaboration announcement last year. Together with Laser Light’s and Nokia’s partners, we look forward to delivering Laser Light’s Beta program ahead of the global XGNS rollout. Laser Light’s vision for service innovation and advanced customer use cases is exciting and transformational.” said Stuart Hendry, Head of Enterprise for Asia Pacific and Japan, Nokia.

Nokia’s Australian operations will also serve as Laser Light’s global partner for its overall XGNS program, including provision of selective R&D, advanced engineering, collaborative innovation, optics and IP capabilities.

Building on the existing 5G Tech Lab at UTS in Sydney, Nokia intends to complete integration of the Beta at an expanded facility, enabling future collaboration between Laser Light, Nokia, UTS, research and industry partners. Advanced data and analytics and innovative use cases are a focus of Laser Light’s global data service delivery platform.

In addition, Laser Light also announced that it has engaged DelMorgan & Co. (, an internationally recognized investment banking firm, as its exclusive strategic transaction advisor to explore a capital raise and other strategic growth alternatives. Rob Delgado, Chairman of DelMorgan, commented, “We are excited to be working with the Laser Light team to create the next-generation platform for global data connectivity.” Neil Morganbesser, DelMorgan’s President & CEO, added, “Laser Light’s vision is truly transformative, and the Nokia partnership is the latest encouraging development. We look forward to the opportunity to connect Laser Light with strategic and financial investors who can provide the capital to fully realize that vision.”

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Laser Light is the owner/operator of an emerging global optical platform – network of networks – which will deliver a first-of-a-kind 21st century data service that will transform the way high volume data communications traffic is carried, distributed, and utilized. Using a hybrid approach converging terrestrial, sub-sea, and space domains; an end-to-end software architecture, favoring “always best route, best latency”; and a unique business model which emphasizes efficiency and operational simplicity, the Laser Light all-optical global data platform will connect companies, countries, and continents at high speed, more flexibly, securely and economically than ever before. Laser Light Companies will do for networking what Cloud did for computing. For more information, please visit

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