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CloudINX deploys large scale IP cloud network solutions.
Ensuring business communication continuity across 150+ globally connected datacentres.

Our Mission Statement.
To manage optimize, and automate cloud compute, simplify workload, integrate, scale, store, archive big data and assist clients to simply connect to the cloud via globally connected and hyper converged data centres. Together with our strategic global partnerships we work across a multitude of verticals and graphical regions offering an innovative scalable and flexable product set.

Our portfolio consists of CLOUD based technology for businesses. We leverage our own and partner IP to develop, produce, distribute and integrate bespoke and standard technology solutions that are aimed at improving a range of cloud applications for our customers. Our range of solutions is used across the industry from the defence and cyber security, enterprise, mining and industrial, rail and telecoms sectors.

We’re in the business of connecting our clients to their clients, and we do this through a connected cloud ecosystem. Through our services, we’ve aided and empowered large, medium and small businesses, enabling them to expand their data centres and ICT infrastructure. At CloudINX, we’re all about interconnecting global data centres.
Since 2008 we’ve been assisting our clients with solutions adopting Cloud and ICT strategies.

CloudINX is a Tier One Converged Service Provider (CSP) focused on deploying large scale complex IP networks, through key global partnerships. A global team of professionals who understand the ICT growing requirements and scaled challenges of Service Providers, Enterprise’s and SME Environments.

A cloud Independent Network Exchange (INX) that delivers ICT solutions that assist organisations evolve from yesterday’s static data centres to tomorrows dynamic well-orchestrated and effectively managed globally connected cloud environments, utilising dynamic (SDN) software defined networking, cloud -pipe, compute to securely store large amounts of data across globaly connected datacentres.

CloudINX operate in a layer between Cloud vendors and private Enterprises, integrating global Cloud services on one platform and making it easier for businesses to manage, navigate, integrate & consume Cloud services, whilst reducing cost and risk at the same time. CloudINX has partnered with leading global providers to bring clients a highly integrated Cloud pipe solution. Our policy is to collaborate with global Internet exchanges, upstream providers and data centres allowing our clients to have a choice of best of breed service offerings providing private, public and hybrid network solutions to any location in the world via one interface to the Cloud networks.

Leaders in Cloud Data Asset Management.

CloudINX was founded by entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of data centre and physical connected networked environments. The companies growth is attributed to the culture of customer success and a dynamic solutions orientated approach, outstanding support and rapid time to implement. While saving our clients tangible costs.
Since Incorporation and the merge of two small ISPs in 2008, We have seen steady year on year growth in revenue and 100% customer retention, a combination of internationally managed projects and enhanced business delivery focused on enabling and transforming enterprise business to better serve their customers.

In 2014 CloudINX expanded and opened offices in Southern Africa and through strategic partnershIps aim to be the number one for pan-African Cloud connected solutions.
Our expert local knowledge, agility and passion for what we do allows us to continue to connect to the world’s largest telecoms providers across Africa and beyond.

Our expertise.

Our global team have the experience and expertise to optimise data centres of all sizes, enhancing security while increasing efficiency, We minimise infrastructure costs associated with running a static data centre, saving on power, fuel, cooling, HVAC, racks, fibre cabling, equipment, and implement the resources required to support a connected environment. Over the last decade our group provisioned 150+ Global POPs in static data centres where we provided rack space, and storage to clients in key locations around the world, We provide internet connectivity via Fibre and Satellite while modernising network infrastructures, today we utilising the power of the connected elastic cloud located by utilising a mix of the fastest compute and unlimited storage platforms available from AWS, GCP Google, Azure and Rackspace infrastructures..

Protecting Cloud Data through regulatory & Compliance keeping Business Data safe.
Protecting clients sensitive data through global purpose built connected environments built for compliance We address industry’s regulatory mandates by building and securing networks in a compliant hyper converged environment.

Our Enterprise world class solutions are used in graphically dispersed locations and interconnected across state-of-the-art global data centers, maintained according to world standards and best practice. All our POPs comply to FERPA, GDPR, GLBA, HIPPA, POPIA, PCI - Security council standards, regulated laws, and an integrated secure solution that provides real-time auditable control over your data and geographically dispersed computing environments.

We support local mobile operators, ISPs and enterprises through continued investment in our own Telco infrastructure, in globally connected data centres and in a connected Cloud exchange that connects networks across the continent, we provide data centre support through onsite engineers and helpdesks in our data centres. Keeping data flexible and scalable with lighting fast connectivity, connected to NAP Africa accessing global fibre rings, undersea cable and a satellite hub for international data transfer.

Our African in country backup and disaster recovery servers are located locally in Tier 3 DCs and peer (connect) with 500+ African ISPs/ Carriers on a dedicated network (AS Number AS327982) to bring our local customers quick and easy cost effective capacity and local cached data usage. Our datacentres are located at global exchanges and peer at the largest active peering community in Africa.

Uptime and Performance.
Avoid downtime with a customized global infrastructure built for speed and availability.

Consolidating Data Centers.
Replace your aging physical infrastructure with powerful modern hardware, optimized for efficiency and scalability.

Disaster Recovey and back up.
We prepare business for the worst-case data loss scenario, with a full 365 security consuting approach.

Enterprise Cloud - Storage as a Service.
Spin up or spin down enterprise storage in minutes. Available on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

Enterprise Cloud - Compute as a Service.
Robust applications calling service to provision and orchestrate compute in any cloud without compromising on availability.

We simplify the delivery of a suite of cloud connected solutions.
Optimise the cost, performance, scalability and enable extreme efficiency of high density data environments. We solve the relentless compute of modern business and big data processing by accelerating applications to optimize costs, performance, and availability.

How do we do it ?
We simply,connect to the cloud via an interconnected, ultra secure, redundantly meshed environments that exchanges data globally and seamlessly. We provide an application scaling service designed to optimize performance and costs. The platform enables companies of all sizes and verticals to leverage Clouds spare capacity with confidence in order to optimize and accelerate workloads to save 80% of infrastructure compute costs. Using predictive algorithms, and key partnerships we reliably leverages Spot Instances and support all major cloud providers such as EC2 Spot Instances (AWS), Low-priority VMs (Microsoft Azure) and preemptible VMs (Google Cloud) while removing risk and complexity, providing a simple orchestration and data management at scale. We work with our clients from project stage, pre consultation, to on-going managed operations to store and protect their data - were positive you’ll benefit from our proactive results-obsessed approach to your digital transformation and cloud strategy.

We operate and interconnect on one of the largest and most advanced pan-African Cloud telecommunications interconnected networks, covering more than 40 African countries and access reach to 150 Global Countries with multiple dedicated teleports and strategically INTERCONNECTED data centres, access to multiple sub-sea cabe systems and teams of local, onsite and contracted on-the-ground experts that maintain our unrivalled African presence, we continually invest in a connected Cloud network and secure global infrastructures, including terrestrial and sub-sea connectivity. CloudINX designed their Software-defined Network Solution to meet the needs of high demand Cloud computing to support tomorrows GROWING Internet of Things (IoT) The scalable solution helps customers meet their networking needs with a future-oriented network architecture featuring Software-Defined Networking (SDN), thorough virtualization, and IP + optical technologies.

Nomonated as a startegic partner 2018 by Rackspace for Africa.

We rely on leading data centres such as Rackspace for flexible, transparent and secure data centre facilities. CloudINX generates new opportunities through a large ecosystem of networked clients backed by our strategic partner that keep mission critical IT infrastructure running. CloudINX provides high speed next generation innovative ISP and custom network services for International, local, financial exchanges multinational enterprise firms, healthcare, military, government and telecommunications providers.
Organizations around the world recognise that a neutral design and delivery solutions team is required for unbiased ISP solutions; Addressing the network life cycle requirements of telecom carriers and technology providers.

CloudINX, assisting our customers in the best use on internet backbone solutions.
Through global strategic partnerships, investments and joint ventures, operates some of the largest privately own Independent Cloud network exchanges with the most advanced interconnected Cloud pan-African telecommunications networks, supporting Africa's foremost mobile operators, ISPs and enterprises.

Our ICT consultants provide solutions that perform a critical function that ensure the reliability and functionality of broadband in Sub Saharan Africa, We support our customers with the best of breed and most effective solutions while supporting our customers with end to end  telco – Cloud solutions, even if it falls outside the standard project scope, We design install distribute, integrate and commission network solutions that enhance the connectivity of our clients, with head office in South Africa, an outsourced logistics office, presence in the USA, UK, and Asia with access to stocked warehouse locally and in the far east gives CloudINX the aptitude to supply our customers with ICT solutions and managed project lead times.

CloudINX launched its Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution in key data centres where it provides a series of universal computing gateways, designed to provide and connect the shortest path of data connections, so that on-demand interconnection between branches and data centers are seamless..

Consulting Outsourced Cloud Telecoms Partner. 
We welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas with you and walk together with you on your data Cloud journey. We support our clients through our strategy partnerships, adopting a consultative, and project management approach to today’s ICT challenges. CloudINX partners with telecommunications and consulting companies across Africa, helping them to better serve their customers, build and operate edge to core network projects.

Data Asset Management.

  • Assurance and Support, (E.G. Tier 1 And 2 Operations, SOC, NOC)
  • Design and Deployment
  • ITIL Support
  • Cloud Network and Managed Service and Systems
    Global Datacentres

Easy as 1,2,3 Connect.

CloudINX supports both LAN and WAN access solutions connecting to the cloud, leveraging a single pane of glass, from 1, Deployment to 2, Management and 3, Troubleshooting. New Cloud technologies in the digitisation era are optimising networked business models opening up new growth markets for the connected industry, CloudINX remains committed to your Cloud investment, a journey we are all on together addressing upcoming legacy connected solutions from fibre, Wi-Fi and broadband access to hardware, software, storage, data security and compliancy challenges. 
We connect today’s world through diverse ecosystems, virtual datacentres and continuously innovate with open partnerships that assist enterprises to stay ahead in todays increased competitive markets. Through Cloud and network strategies we assist our clients engage customers better, transform products, empower employers and optimise their operations driving measurable ROI. Overcoming CAPEX and OPEX pressures.


One of the most attractive characteristics of utilising a CloudINX is its elasticity – we provide our clients the ability to scale their IT seamlessly, in line with changing demand for Cloud networking, a singular underlying platform is the key to enabling GLOBAL scalability across networks of all sizes and into different solution tiers –That’s why whether you opt for public , private or hybrid Cloud, the right platform is critical as you plan, grow and upgrade your Cloud network.

Simplyfing Outdated Connected Infrastructures
Providing Digital Transformation

Always Innovating

Africa Growth, and new markets.

The CloudINX Group adheres to local goverance, and as such has partners in country adhering to The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 (“BBBEE Act”) that provides the legislative framework for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa (“BBBEE”).

"Worldwide Data traversal through leading Tier 1 Providers Simplicity, Flexibility, Reliability, Scalability and Security"


We use predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms to compute at 80% less. While we reduce your spend and scale more.

We provide an on demand or reserved cost effective option of AWS Instances and guarantee 100% application reliability.

We offer a Cloud a SaaS management platform solution that delivers Cloud efficiencies never before achieved. We use the power of the elastic Cloud to perform predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms to leverage the AWS' Spot Market and reduce EC2 Cloud computing costs by 60% to 80%.

  • We use an agile management platform to provision and orchestrate compute in any Cloud. Our customers Pay 80% less by leveraging Cloud excess capacity, without compromising on availability.

    How By utilising the power of the elastic and connected Cloud, our secret sauce, and the AWS Integration Spot instances
  • We reliably deliver 100% cluster portability and availability while dramatically reducing our clients Cloud costs.
  • We provide our customers access to the world’s leading Compute Management Platform.
  • We assist customers to leverage off Spot Instances for their production and mission-critical applications while delivering on 100% High-Availability.

Using key partnerships, predictive algorithms, scalability, and cloud intelligence, leveraging AWS Spot Instances and Low-priority VMs from Azure and guaranteee no downtime. As theres no need for any architectural changes, it takes 15 minutes to get up and running. The platform predicts EC2 Spot behaviour, capacity trends, pricing, and interruptions rate.

Whenever there’s a risk of interruption, the intelligence of the Cloud adjusts data usage to another unused instance accordingly, to balance capacity up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring 100% availabilityfor our clients. Without any additional expense.

This means that your application will always run on the most cost-efficient collection of instances – the best-priced and most available Instances, when available and then falling back to on-demand if  not, in addition to prioritizing any reserved instances you may already own. The vast majority of common applications is supported automatically plugging into the architecture you already use. ( As long as your instance isn’t a single point of failure.)

We also support All EC2 services, including Auto Scaling Groups, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service, Code Deploy and Elastic MapReduce.
Sounds complicated? That’s why we here.... to keep things simple for you. One platform that is tightly integrated with the most common APIs for provisioning servers including CloudFormation, Terraform, ECS, Kubernetes, Rancher and Jenkins. (and provide all the support you need) 

Whats a Spot Instance? 
A Spot Instance is an unused EC2 instance that is available for less than the On-Demand serviced price. Because Spot Instances enable you to use unused EC2 instances at steep discounts (which we pass on to our clients) whereby lowering your Amazon EC2 costs significantly. (The hourly price for a Spot Instance is called a Spot price.) 

The Spot price of each instance type in each Global Availability Zone is set by Amazon EC2, and adjusted gradually based on the long-term supply of and demand for Spot Instances. Spot Instances are a cost-effective choice to run low end applications in the Cloud. The CloudINX Spot Instances solutions are well-suited for data analysis, batch jobs, background processing, and optional tasks.

Blended Clusters – Our Cloud is Agile and intelligently facilitates the balance between On-Demand, Reserve and Spot Instances in conjunction with making the right decisions to achieve the proper balance between Cost and Performance. CloudINX is Cloud Agnostic and highly scalable – We providing high availability in the Amazon Spot Market, Google Pre-emptible VMs and Packet Bare Metal Servers. We automatically increase the number of dynamic instances during demand spikes to maintain agility and performance and decrease capacity usage during lulls to reduce costs. 

Data Centre Infrastructure Development.
As the ICT industry moves into the Cloud era, broadband infrastructure needs fast track rapid service innovation. However Broadband access infrastructure is an asset-heavy and investment hungry development with a lengthy engineering lead time. We simplify the process and work with telecommunications network providers, Architects and Civil Engineers that specialize in providing secure, reliable, interconnected next generation network solutions. We consult, design, build, operate and maintain ‘best of breed’ infrastructure that is used in building data centres for demanding customers across UAE, UK and Africa, through key partnerships. We then  ship or fly in our custom designed Datacentres anywhere in the world, managed to the highest of industry standards, simply quickly and effectively.

Data Centre to Data Centre Networks
Our Clients include public and private Cloud platform providers, system integrators, managed hosting providers. The networks on which we operate carry an impressive share of the world's Internet traffic. We continually strive to expand our geographic reach through a connected network. Our IP solutions provide the reliability, scalability and performance that your business demands. Together with our Partners, Our Customer base is in high growth market segments, including financial services, Enterprise trading and interconnect to other managed services providers, digital media and carriers. Customers in these target markets enable expansion of existing communities of interest and build new, high-value communities of interest within the Datacenter


By now, almost any company, independent of its industry and size, uses at least one kind of IT Cloud service. At CloudINX that’s no surprise to us at all, because Cloud pipe -computing services provide huge upsides and workload shifts for companies: IT departments no longer have to purchase, deploy and maintain computing hardware and manage expensive in-house software and systems, with CloudINX Cloud services are quick and easy to deploy, they scale as needed without involvement from IT, and hardware /software is automatically updated to the latest release level. Cloud Computing vastly simplifies and reduce the complexity and cost of connected IT service delivery – so your wired and wireless access networks can now enjoy the very same benefits. (But in the Cloud.)

We reduce costs, and complexity while increasing GDPR /POPI HIPPA compliance.

The CloudINX Group has a strategic alliance with local distributors. Together we work across a multitude of verticals and graphical regions offering an innovative scalable and flexible product set. We produce, distribute and integrate bespoke and standard technology products and solutions that are aimed at improving a range of connectivity and applications for our customers.

Scalability to Petabyte levels.

Networks scale along two dimensions. Firstly, network size, which allows customers to grow their networks seamlessly by as few or as many devices as needed. Secondly, functionality. The CloudINX scalable functionality lets customers add further features and even seamlessly upgrade to a higher solution tier with richer functionality, without impacting the current network and the existing configurations and policies. The ability to quickly add capacity is a huge benefit of partnering with CloudINX. Instead of IT procuring more networking hardware and/or software in-house.



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