"Worldwide coverage through leading Tier 1 Providers Simplicity, Flexibility, Reliability, Scalability and Security"

Consulting Services
At CloudINX, we are passionate about technology, we strive for constant innovation, deliver solutions and ICT services that are relevant and critical to our customers business. Our services are built on resilient world class secured networks and dedicated infrastructures in global datacenters, secured communications and networking is delivered in according to global best practice.

Increased Partnerships
With leading technology vendors provide services and solutions allowing CloudINX to create a competitive edge for customers to maintain connectivity and communication strategies that promote all round sustainable business growth. Since its inception CloudINX has established itself as a leader that successfully carved a niche space in our area.

CloudINX will continue to enable and evolve communication strategies and assist companies in their digital transformation journey to meet the business needs of our customers. Today the company enjoys a leadership position as it delivers datacenter solutions global hosting, internet access, security solutions, application service delivery in prime global datacenters. Expanding from our European and USA roots to exciting opportunities and growth in the emerging markets results in CloudINX partnering with local world class infrastructure providers to continue build and connect meshed and virtualized hyper converged datacenters in prime locations  where telco infrastructure is not a nice to have but a necessity for everyday living.

Thanks to these new partnerships CloudINX is active on all 7 continents making use of the undersea fibre rings. Joint Ventures, SME, and CSP local partnerships. As the Cloud evolves we have evolved too and we continue to provide a dynamic cloud hosting and collaboration service for our eco system. Today we utilize an array of industry vendors and strategic alliance partnerships to protect our clients internal communications and networks that’s based on high levels of security and provide an award winning cloud solutions service to secure our clients hosting facility built on military levels of redundancy secure, authentication and robust perimeter protection hardware and software solutions, as we move into new emerging markets we look forward to building and maintaining a very high level of redundancy, and security ensuring continued voice video and data availability for clients.

CloudINX Hosting Services
CloudINX provides clients with the ability to access and elastic platform and a large option of data center services that connect to global ecosystems, e.g.: web hosting, self-managed, and dedicated server hosting, shared web hosting, virtual servers, cloud server hosting.

Choosing CloudINX for your hosting services means you're backed by a 99.999% uptime environment in a Global vendor neutral and colocation facilities, that ticks all the boxes for compliancy, allowing resilient interconnects across Community of Interest (CoIN).

Being able to make use of these resilient interconnects in a global colocation environment with many network and service providers available, means that your hosting services can quickly access a range of networks and connect to independent providers without being tied to any single provider, continuously giving you the speed, agility and pricing as competitive edge.

Available Hosting Services * data center dependent
Half Cabinet Colocation - with bandwidth
per U Colocation - with bandwidth
Half Cabinet Colocation - carrier neutral
per U colocation - carrier neutral
The Cloud - Cloud Server Hosting Providers (SaaS/IaaS)
Dedicated Server Hosting
Domain Hosting
Email Server Hosting
Firewall and Hosted Security Services
Shared Web Hosting
Shared Storage and Backups Virtual Servers and VPS Hosting

IP services
IP networking make up the worlds interconnected INX and hosting in our choice of datacenter locations enable clients to deploy an end to end IP network, superior connectivity and manage their IP addressing requirements from anywhere. It also allows total control of the IP addressing ranges used throughout their network but most importantly provides redundancy across major global exchange network connection points. CloudINX provides our customers with bandwidth, IP Transit, peering, VPNs and interconnection of fibre access to metro networks across the globe.

Diginet Fibre Optics
Bandwidth / Data
Line Bonding
IP Transit
VPN - Virtual Private Networking
Metro Ethernet City-to-City

Managed Services
Our CMSP programme is aimed to set-up and implement backup, disaster recovery, security management and maintenance of your network infrastructure, all MSP services are aimed to enhance transparency, drive flexibility and  increase efficiency within your organization.

Having access to a Managed Services programme means that our clients can focus on their core strengths and offerings whilst outsourcing the rest to CloudINX, we provice our clients with peace of mind with secure and ROI data centre solutions.

The cloud-based cyber security Simulation as a Service (SaaS).
We also provide a staging area for testing and simutated attacks on the network,  reliance with security penetration testing - a hosting platform where clients can exercises network defenses with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security.

We provide a platform to test our clients network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. We can provide a report responding to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules such as Hopper and Data Exfiltration.

We assess and improve the awareness among your employees against phishing, ransomware and other networked attacks. Security Management and intrusion prevention A single solution that Identifies the security gaps in your infrastructure and provides actionable insights for proper remediation. We provide a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked when you don’t have the correct solutions in place.

Network Management
Managed Backup Disaster Recovery Planning
Network Security Testing
The Exchange telephony Services

The Exchange Services  provides our clients with cost reduction communication from traditional intentional termination, we provide an all IP telephony and VoIP service, local and cellular termination, and shared PBX solutions, By having the choice of a PSTN interconnect, colocation clients make use of the VoIP exchange services by utilising PRI lines within the data centres.

By delivering voice traffic over IP networks (VoIP), IP based telephone systems we improving your operating efficiencies, and increase responsiveness, and a valued ROI by global organizations. IP Telephony/VoIP Colocation Local & Cellular Termination Shared PBX International Termination


Finding the right technology fit and best solution is a key driver in everything we do. We anticipate problems, we resolve issues and lead our teams with conviction. We never lose sight of the bigger picture on our client’s project goals and key deliverables. Our solutions focused mindset ensures that ICT projects are continually moving forward and ultimately delivered within the parameters set by our client.

DELIVER ON A PROMISE WITH NO EXCUSES We do what we say we will do, without excuses. Commitments made to our clients are considered and always achievable. We will always deliver on our promises.

PARTNERSHIP We achieve our best results by partnering with our clients. Our team is your team. True partnership is based on trust, which we strive to earn very early in the ICT project’s life cycle and consolidate over the duration. This commitment to a partnership ethos sets us apart.

COLLABORATION We manage our GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS projects in an open and consultative manner. Direct, timely, upfront and honest reporting is a key to our delivery philosophy.

BEYOND EXCELLENCE We are a ‘global collaborative Team’ a dynamic organisation. Our clients expect excellence in delivery and everything we do is customer centric. We measure our success by exceeding their expectations

Our philosophy is simple and is embedded in our culture and all work practices. Our key service Pillars are:

1. Single Point Accountability;

2. To Add Value through consistently questioning the status quo;

3. Always seeking better innovative ways of doing things;

4. Deliver to the satisfaction of all stakeholders;

5. Promote a productive ongoing Client relationship that allows return business.


A Simple Connected Solution

Ensuring a 'self-healing' ring that minimizes network outages.

Providing tailored network based, supporting cloud connected solutions that boost businesses in todays digital economy, efficiencies, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Interconnected to purpose built Global data centers. Standard architecture, stringent security and a range of cloud services that are operated to global best practives to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments for our clients. Our diversity offers redundancy and business continuity for customers high data demand.

Redundant fiber paths between 250+ international POP locations

CloudINX connects ISPs, Enterprises, Content providers that operate on top of the infrastructures within the eco systems that connect to the organic core backbone and the dynamic edge of the internet via tier1 Carriers, and Transit providers that access the entire Internet routing tables.


Simplicity resilient reliable, flexible and secure networking solutions
CloudINX has partnered with diverse Global partners to aggregate and simplify global networking. We maintain extensive relationships with major international transit carriers, tier 1 upstream and access providers, and OEM equipment manufactures.

Advanced traffic engineering services that guarantees the highest standard of services with the most direct, lowest latency paths possible with dynamic automatic network re routing technology to minimize the impact of any network disruptions.

We belive a network should must be robust, secure, distributed and able to meet a variety of cloud application with high performance needs.

We extend nodes of an enterprise’s network into any of the Global partner data centers. Our Network enables clients to securely and reliably connect and provide a choice of solutions to any cloud providers. Local partnerships enable CloudINX to connect your company to other cloud solution providers. Whether you need to connect multiple locations anywhere in the world together or provide remote employees with access to the Internet, we provide guaranteed reliability and performance.

With a variety of available connectivity - of voice video and data options, configured broadband services that delivers top performance connectivity whenever or wherever you need it.

Independent Network Exchange.

Linking clients across 7 continents.

CloudINX (Pty) Ltd provides customers with a unique range of premiere innovative on demand public, private and hybrid cloud networking solutions, linking clients across 7 continents. We offer a low risk entry point for clients to host their platform in the most connected and resilient data centre environments across the globe.

"This is a an exciting time to be connected to the internet, as Millions of users connect to the Internet every day and many of the Internet careers and technology waves are yet to come based on Cloud connectivity solutions."

The Internet is the network of networks propagating internet traffic. Through carrier class routing, switches, and transition equipment. CloudINX sits between the interconnected mesh of Global Internet Exchange Points (IXPS) (INXs) and Global (POPs) globally connected cloud peering ecosystem that provide access to the global Internet. Simply Connect,Anywhere Any how.

Broadband Internet Service from the cloud

Our Global NOCs provide highly reliable, scalable and secure real time monitoring of cloud networking services. We continuously monitor and upgrade our core networks, with careful capacity planning ensuring limited bottlenecks and sufficient on demand solutions to handle sudden, unpredictable requirements.

CloudINX One cloud provider that extends your network reach globally.

Ensuring secure and private data center solutions with burstable capabilities, seamlessly interconnection between LANs and WANs, a lower OPEX, with higher scalability. CloudINX offers managed solutions and cloud services that maximize business productivity reducing total cost of ownership. .


Dedicated internet access can connect your enterprise to any location on the globe across all seven continents. From North America to Europe, Africa and Asia, with fast, reliable internet services to any corporate location using any access technology.


CloudINX a single source provider integrating DIA to your existing private network giving you fast, direct Internet access from any device, any time. Anywhere further simplify your network by combining DIA service with a managed router giving your enterprise a one solution approach for connectivity aggregation and provisioning.