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the cloud independent network exchange
Offering a range of scalable, data management, hosting and colocation services in high availibity centres to support mission critIcal connected applications.

Connecting people. Connecting PLaces

interconnecting 150+ global data centres.

Are you ready to transform your business with cloud technology?



A leading CSP (Cloud Servide Provider) specialised in large scale - Edge to Cloud network management solutions. Dedicated to driving quality stable ICT connectivity for the enterprise environments delivered from neutral regional hubs and connected global internet exchanges.

We focus on helping businesses understand and navigate through the vast potential of cloud technology solutions.

Your cloud success drives everything we do – That’s why we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of hybrid cloud applications, from on prem, off prem and hybrid data networked applications, security and data centre infrastructure services.

Our cloud experts utilise leading technology, delivering unbiased solutions to help you thrive in todays complex, multi-cloud world. Connecting to the cloud should be a simple, agile and efficient – (Too often this isn’t the case.) Manual order processes, latency, and complex commercial agreements, combined with the security, performance and reliability challenges of connecting via open IP networks means cloud services and data management are complex and challenging to deliver.


Simpy put, we do everything Cloud related and we do it well !

As a leading provider of cloud and digital infrastructure services, we provide integrated, globally managed technology solutions that underpin the fast-growing digital economy.

Today’s enterprises need access to cloud applications, with guaranteed SLAs, a high level of performance, complete visibility over their network.

We specify, plan, deploy, manage commision, optimise cloud based networks and ecosystems. We have comprehensive relationship with major global hyper-scale partners and deep experience within networked infrastructure solutions.

Best of breed cloud solution partnerships, connected through leading Tier 1 providers and world class data centres.

We utilise standard architecture, stringent security solutions and a range of cloud brokerage services to optimise the information and communications technology (ICT) environments for our clients


Cloud Infrastructure


CloudINX operates in a layer between Cloud vendors and private Enterprises, integrating a wide range of global Cloud services, making it easier for businesses to manage, navigate, integrate and consume Cloud services while reducing cost and risk and ensuring their ROI.

Our clients trust us to deliver secure mission-critical solutions with simplicity, speed and agility.

Our Network
We have access to 150+ global locations, each with full-service offerings and fully staffed to meet customised requirements. We offer a portfolio of ICT services that can be utilized as a single service or combined as a pay as you grow custom solution

Products & Services
We develop and design world-class network solutions for customers of all sizes, specializing in performance, security, and (HA) high availability.

Redundant systems, unsurpassed security, high-density deployments, and flexibility to service from ¼ cabinets to full private cage environments.

Dedicated Servers
Guaranteed uptime, unmatched value, combined with connectivity that you need, no long-term contracts

Scalable Cloud Services
High-performance, scalable cloud solutions, for your growing ICT requirements.

  • We deliver world class solutions and services, delivering the innovation that enables you to connect with your customers, suppliers and communities.

Backup & Restore
CloudNX is the ideal location for disaster recovery, not only from our datacentre locations being in a natural disaster-free zone, but with facilities to mirror data to our global locations.

We provide you with high-bandwidth connectivity options, enterprise-grade security, and exceptional performance.

Solutions for Your Business
Designed for business with the efficiency, and simplicity in mind

Our INX hosts a world-class, globally interconnected cloud ecosystem of bandwidth, network, and telecom service providers.

Our highest priority is to provide our customers with value through the building of networked security services.

Our clients trust us to support the security and high availability of their mission-critical data, systems, and operations.



CloudINX Exchange A Global Telecoms Provider.

CloudINX delivers simplicity through world-class Cloud managed solutions, interconnected services that create transformational outcomes for our customers, improving efficiency, agility peace of mind, through reliability redundancy and world-class data centre solutions.

Reducing cost and delivering cloud innovation that enables you to connect with your customers, suppliers and communities.

With GLOBAL partnerships and a broad range of cloud solutions, our job is to keep your business ahead of the game. Simple solutions, enhancing business efficiencies, ROI, Global Connectivity, increased productivity & cost-effective data management solutions.

One of the most attractive characteristics of utilising a CloudINX is its elasticity – Providing clients the ability to scale their IT seamlessly, in line with changing demand for Cloud networking.

State of the art network, superior connectivity and connected to the core of the internet.
Experience the connectivity of a bordeless cloud connected network.

We supply private connected links with AWS Direct Connect.

If you want to bypass the risks of the public Internet, reduce latency, and avoid network bottlenecks.

AWS Direct Connect is an ideal solution for your business.

Establish a private and secure link to Amazon’s cloud directly from your Colocation, Managed Private Cloud, Data Security Cloud, or Virtual Private Data Center environments.

What we do

CloudINX an Independent Network Exchange,

CloudINX an Independent Network Exchange, Our team of experienced staff, serves clients around the world. Clientele range from multinational corporations to SME and ISPs with complex telecommunications systems.

We maintain extensive relationships with major international transit carriers, tier 1 upstream access providers, and equipment manufacturers. We continuously monitor and upgrade our core networks, with careful capacity planning ensuring limited bottlenecks and sufficient on-demand solutions to handle sudden, unpredictable requirements. Expanding market reach Global meshed redundant network connectivity is a fundamental requirement for realising the benefits of cloud computing. Expanding market reach

Simple Solutions

CloudINX gives enterprises friction free access to cloud connectivity.

Our platforms deliver on-demand pay as you grow cloud solutions, scalable, flexible, transparent and ready to offer guaranteed Quality Of Service (QoS), analytics and performance for your business on a global scale.

By leveraging our global network, you not only benefit from a suite of cloud enablement solutions but gain access to the world’s largest cloud ecosystems and its service providers but streamlined connectivity to leading cloud providers.

Our Certified Datacenter consultants offer guidance every step of the way by performing specific business and technical analysis of your networks and providing disaster recovery recommendations to optimise network application performance and ensure business continuity.

Integration (SI) and customisation ensure secure and private data centre solutions with burstable elastic capabilities, seamlessly interconnection between LANs and WANs, safe data environments, a lower OPEX, with higher scalability.

A Cloud CSP

This fully automated platform makes it simple to scale up or down - as per your requirements

We offer hybrid cloud scenarios with a full combination of public IP access and private ethernet wide area networks, guaranteed quality of service and visibility to give you complete profile over your cloud connectivity.

We match the right access technology with the right network architecture, create a robust environment for cloud service delivery. We provide solutions for real-time visibility performance, enabling you to monitor the quality of your connectivity – end to end. Our team of experienced staff serves clients around the world with complex connectivity solutions.

CloudINX connects, protects and powers the digital economy, connects to the core of other internet providers. We are providing a consistent level of reliability and service.


Strategic NEW Partners

AWS Analytics & Algorithms

CloudINX is a Spotinst partner that provides SaaS optimization platforms to manage excess cloud infrastructure capacity. Use the power of the elastic Cloud to perform predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms to leverage the AWS' Spot Market and reduce EC2 Cloud computing costs by 60% to 80%

Cloud Digital Transformation

CloudINX is a Rackspace partner and together we solve the Clouds toughest challenges. Migrate to the cloud of your choice, across all leading public and private clouds. Amazon AWS, Google GCP, or Microsoft Azure.

Enterprise Class SD WAN
CloudINX is an Aerohive partner that provides Cloud Management, SD LAN /WAN Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to simplify and secure the Access Network. Flexibility Cloud through deployment, management, and licensing. Pioneering Controller-less cloud Wi-Fi and Cloud-Managed Networking.