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cloud Independent Network Exchange.

CloudINX is a Tier One Converged Service Provider (CSP) focused on deploying large-scale, complex IP networks. The automated cloud fabric is underpinned by PCCW Global's leading IP backbone and one of the largest MPLS / SD-WAN networks. We are an enabler committed to bridging the digital divide and ensuring the benefits of a modern, connected world.

CloudINX promotes digital inclusion, with global reach.

We do this by delivering world-class products and services globally to empower and connect our customers. Leveraging a flexible cloud communications platform, delivering the best solutions to expand your business presence.
  • One Point of Contact

    We serve as a single point of contact for all of our clients' solutions throughout several markets, offering legal, technical, and billing support.

  • Network

    Regardless of size or location, we carry traffic swiftly and affordably from everywhere to anyplace so that all network operators may profit..

  • Instant robust network

    We run a scalable, high-capacity international network. We enable our customers to instantly increase their network footprint in key locations.

  • Unrivalled partner network

    Our customers benefit from our long-standing, diverse and valuable partnerships with key Internet Exchanges, data centres, cloud operators and in-contry resellers.

  • Why Choose CloudINX?

    We enable. We deliver, We support. and We simply connect.

    We operate on a top-ranked Tier 1 IP network spanning six continents.
    Enterprises, carriers and governments rely on us for secure, high-performance connectivity to any location in the world and every application in the cloud. CloudINX is a global leading provider of wholesale carrier services and connectivity solutions such as remote peering, low latency Point-to-Point and Multipoint capacity, operating in extensive Metro circuits in major networks. Through our partnerships with strategic internet exchanges, satellite providers, datacentres and cloud operators.
    We deliver traffic quickly and cost-efficiently.
    We support carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprise networks to expand their own presence.
    CloudINX provides premium interconnection and consulting services on behalf of PCCW Global, and operates in the carrier and data-centre-neutral internet exchanges in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.
    PCCW is a multinational, Tier 1, Layer 2/3 facilities-based ISP, that is consistently ranked as one of the world's top five Internet backbone networks. Together we deliver high-quality, cost-effective services over a dedicated global network connecting Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific. Delivers state-of-the-art technology and services to meet the growing interconnection requirements of partner interconnection and global NNI (Network to Network.)
    We support an ecosystem of network providers spanning seas, oceans and continents.
    Our services are accessible from over 850+ data centres in 50 countries.
    Unlike other Network-as-a-Service offerings, we utilise one connected console platform - (Console Connect) - the platform is underpinned by one global network infrastructure. The network delivers significant economies of scale and higher levels of speed and performance for our users. The platform provides an uncontended service across its cloud fabric – which means the assured quality of service and most importantly the ability to scale and flex high-speed connectivity on your demand.

    Discover the next generation of interconnection
    Welcome to the cloud fabric.

    What is a Cloud Router?

    CloudINX removes the pain, time, and complexity of network configuration and management, by creating secure, dedicated on-demand private layer 3 networks between global datacentres.
    Connecting enterprises with cloud and SaaS applications, IoT devices and data exchange to other networks.
    With CloudINX you're in control and connect between clouds without the need to install, manage or maintain equipment. simple setup, high performance, and a truly global reach. Create a virtual "fully meshed" secure network in minutes not weeks, between your different endpoints. Without the need for dedicated hardware. Spin-up services for as little as one hour, flex bandwidth-on-demand. Select your class of service, and prioritise the traffic for your mission-critical applications.
    Point click.

    What is an INX ?

    Internet exchange points,(IXP) or Independent Network Exchange (INXs) are critical common grounds of IP networking, allowing participant strategic partners and Internet service providers to exchange data.
    INXs are generally located at neutral global datacentres with pre-existing multiple connections to tiered networks, and an on-ramp to connect enterprises to private and public clouds, always highly secured, with built in redundant power, fibre and wireless connections. An INX in each country keeps local traffic in the country, adhering to regulations and speeding up the delivery of the traffic on the connected networks.

    CloudINX deploys large-scale, complex IP networks, increased international broadband capacity solutions and has access to diverse connectivity via fibre cable systems. A global interconnected provider that works across global IP meshed networks, reaching thousands of multinational and national enterprises, government and carrier customers.
    Our leading Network as a Service, Software Defined Network Platform (SD-WAN) solutions enable digital business and optimize the performance of SaaS and cloud-based applications for business users across the world.

    Simply. Connect

    Remote INX Peering.
    850+ global locations.

    Our remote peering cloud service provides near-instant network expansion without the extra infrastructure, multiple contracts, and technical and billing departments. Enjoy all the benefits of joining the world's most popular internet exchanges, through one cloud partner. Through our global partnerships. Together, we are connected to more IXPs than any other network, we have more EU, EMEA, US and Asia-Pacific Internet exchanges interconnecting and are the leading Cloud - Remote Peering. Our Ethernet Private Line solutions enable networks to grow their network without excessive investment in Metro DWDMAs – allowing for seamless, transparent bandwidth provisioning with no maximum MTU. And fully meshed network of IP Transit and Partial IP Transit solutions.

    Set your QOS, build your SD-WAN network in minutes,(not weeks) and monitor it in real time. Register your company for self-service, on-demand private connectivity, and choose global ports and virtual connections from 850+ data centres. Use the online pricing calculator for interconnection prices. Most importantly, Monitor your network costs in Realtime.
    The platform is integrated with all major hyperscale cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and more. Through the Console Connect portal or via its API, users can access a broad range of native and third-party solutions.

    CLOUDINX'S Exclusive support partner for private MPLS network isolates traffic from the public internet and delivers the stringent privacy and security requirements required. Owning the underlying network enables the platform to deliver uncontended service across its fabric with assured quality of service.

    SD-WAN Software Defined Networking

    SDN Cloud Connect. We partner with the leading Cloud providers and are trusted by major global networks.

    Critical Business Communication

    We enable integration of your over a single IP connection, improving your collaboration and infrastructure efficiency.

    Top Ranked, Tier 1 IP Backbone

    Our high-performance, worldwide network spans 850+ PoPs and six continents with service reach to more than 140 countries.

    Future proofed, and scalabe

    High quality, secure, and always on, integrating diverse communication capabilities onto a single global platform. Connections you can count on.


    Layer 2/3 Networks. Get started in a few simple clicks. Provision a dedicated network connection in minutes.

    RIP BGP Transit

    IP Transit solutions complement your network connectivity. Connections you can count on, scalable today and built for the future.


    We offer a range of flexible, managed colocation solutions in our own suites and strategic datacenteres.

    IP Transit

    Solutions complement your network connectivity without any investment in equipment and colocation costs of a physical deployment.

    Co-innovation through global partnerships.

    Extending our reach with parterships.

    ReThink your Network design.
    Welcome to a more connected world,
    with next generation scalable networking.

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