Cloud services rely heavily on centralised management platforms, that is why CloudINX partnered with leaders in managed Wi-Fi to drive the next generation automated Cloud evolution. Our solutions are designed for high-performance environments – combining the latest in Wi-Fi standards.

CloudINX simplifies wired and wireless management with Cloud Networking.

We provide our customers with the most critical aspects of cloud networking. Let us manage your networks or let us provide you with the applications that can.
CloudINX provides solutions for securing, managing and controlling all devices on your access network – from standard wired and wireless clients to IoT and BYOD. Through streamlined workflows and a intuitive user interface that significantly reduces the operational complexity and cost, typically associated with competitive incumbent offerings. The Cloud Networking platform has been systematically designed with the latest technologies to provide organisations around the globe with simplified, centralised, and secure access network management for thousands of distributed sites and enabled by the third generation of Cloud architecture that is capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and tens of millions of clients per regional data centre, increased availability, and exceptional flexibility for modern access network management. Through our strategic partnership agreement that covers the contentment, Aerohive is now trusted by thousands of customers to drastically reduce operational complexity, deliver new analytics & insights, and eliminate the variable costs otherwise associated with growing a network to support the ever-increasing connectivity demands. We simplify unified management of wired and Wi-Fi access networks, combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, streamlined troubleshooting, through CAD and RF planning tools, and API integration.

The next generation access network presents a multitude of IT security challenges. An ever-growing number of corporate and guest devices, as well as IoT and BYOD, solutions that need to be securely on-boarded and provisioned with the correct access rights appropriate for their roles. Once authenticated onto the network, continue to pose security risks due to malware and compromised 3rd party applications. IT security departments need to be able to address these challenges cost-efficiently, with a complete toolset for access management and control.

That’s where we come in!

By working with both Dell and Aerohiive, we integrate Dell Networking N-Series switches and Aerohives product portfolio across the wired and wireless world. We reduce costs and complexity of distributed deployments with a centralised Intuitive cloud management platform used by both manufacturers, a visual dashboard with contextual filters for a comprehensive overview of network assets, health status, application and data usage as well as real-time user activity. Network administrators then ensure that network resources are used efficiently, by defining what requests are made available when, where and to whom, which claims have priority and which are blocked entirely.

Advanced capabilities enable contextualised monitoring and reporting, client and user summary views provide an all-in-one overview with drill-down capabilities for additional detail. Other key features include comprehensive filtering options by time ranges and location, detailed pictures of clients and devices, and customizable reports.

• We also provide seamless upgrade paths to advanced services.
• A correct out-of-band operation for uninterrupted network operation and optimal performance.
• Unified SD-LAN and SD-WAN management including access to enterprise access points, switches and routers.

Our cloud networking technologies with unified wired and Wi-Fi access provide self-organising and self-healing connectivity, reduced operational cost and complexity, and more significant data insights. Supported by the industry’s most flexible and adaptable architecture and licensing model, our cloud-managed access networks can be fully CUSTOMISED to match your requirements. Stackable switches can be quickly and centrally deployed in minutes with advanced performance, optimisation, and security services.

Simplify the management and support of your network with a fully unified access layer.

Providing energy-efficient gigabit Layer 3-Lite capabilities with flexible PoE options, as well as a wealth of port density options, the managed switches cater for all of your access layer requirements.

A smarter cloud-enabled approach to network management that automates provisioning simplifies configuration and support and increases visibility. With a unified access point, switching, and routing network policies, IT administrators can easily enforce end-to-end performance and security policies regardless of connection type or location

SD - WAN solutions for remote teleworkers

• Easily deploy, monitor, and support thousands of remote sites with cloud management and automated device provisioning
• Optimise, throttle, and direct traffic based on applications and users
• Secure end-to-end LAN and WAN policy enforcement
• Single pane of glass cloud management for wired and wireless LAN and WAN

Simplify your access network

Aerohive’s cloud-managed unified platform increases network automation and intelligence while reducing cost and complexity for IT teams. This new ability to centrally-manage software defined LANs and WANs through a public or private cloud will fundamentally transform how networks are deployed and managed. With the industry’s first combined SD-LAN and SD-WAN solution, organisations can now provide the same level of network access for headquarters, branch offices, and teleworkers.
Aerohive’s SD-LAN Solution provides self-organising and self-healing wired and wi-fi access, significantly reducing complexity and costs.

• Adaptable Cloud-based networking with self-optimising, self-healing, and self-organising Switches and Access points.
• Simple to deploy and maintain with public or private Cloud management.
• Dynamically define user and device actions when accessing the network.
• Prioritise and change the system based on application needs.

Aerohive’s SD-WAN solution redefines small and midsize branch and remote office network economics, control, and performance, delivering a “Headquarters-like” user experience regardless of location. Powered by Aerohive Cloud Networking and a self-optimising architecture, highly distributed organisations can benefit from secure and reliable network access that’s easier to provision, operate, and support.

The HiveManager platform contains large amounts of valuable data about the devices, clients and applications on the network. While HiveManager uses this information to help you manage your system, many value-added use cases can be enabled with your network data. Retail analytics provide highly relevant information to support a variety of decisions, from promotions planning to employee scheduling. Aerohive and CloudINX have partnered to provide retailers with a robust Wi-Fi solution to implement omnichannel retailing and engage with customers more quickly and easily.

Time & Attendance analytics

Time & Attendance analytics inside a corporate office can provide information for use in space planning, employee hot-desking or network analysis.
Aerohive Insight provides a set of robust APIs that enable retail customers, education organisations and enterprises to leverage their Wi-Fi network data through customised applications and networking integrations. This results in new business intelligence, reduced cost, increased revenue and improved user experiences. Insight includes APIs for presence, location, monitoring, identity and configuration to support a broad range of applications and use cases.

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