Compute as Service. AI For Cloud.

Intelligent Workload Management

AI for the cloud backed by an enterprise-grade SLA.
Reliably run workloads on cloud excess capacity and save 80% with a scalable infrastructure without scaling costs. When you don't have to worry about scaling your support, you can focus on building beautiful applications — saving both time and money. The next generation of Cloud Infrastructure automation and optimization achieve an elastic, cost-effective cloud and scale your infrastructure without scaling costs.

We utilize a proactive application scaling service, designed to optimize compute in the cloud by using predictive algorithms to anticipate interruptions in cloud excess capacity such as AWS Spot Instances, Google Preemptible VMs, and Azure Low-Priority VMs and achieves enterprise-grade SLAs by intelligently shuffling and distributing workloads.

Whenever there's a risk of interruption, AI redistributes workloads up to 15 minutes ahead of time, ensuring 100% availability at the best possible price. Through critical partnerships we make sure applications always run on the most cost-efficient mix of instances – the best-priced and most available Spot Instances when available, and falling back to on-demand when not, in addition to prioritizing any reserved instances you may already own. And integrates seamlessly into your existing cloud ecosystem. Spot Instances allow you to save up to 90% on your computer costs by using Amazon's excess compute capacity.