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CloudINX deploys large scale IP cloud network solutions for data asset management.

CloudINX operates in a layer between Cloud vendors and private Enterprises, integrating global Cloud services, making it easier for businesses to manage, navigate, integrate and consume Cloud services while reducing cost and risk. Our policy is to collaborate with global Internet exchanges cloud providers, upstream providers and data centres allowing our clients to have a choice of best of breed service offerings providing private, public and hybrid network solutions to any location in the world.

Cloud services rely heavily on connectivity, that is why we have combined our expansive reach, through strategically located Data Centres, innovative digital services and premium partners to drive the Cloud evolution.

Cloud Management 
We simplify wired and wireless management by using Cloud networking and management platforms. Cloud Networking platforms that are designed with the latest technologies to provide organisations around the globe with centralized, simplified, and secure access network management for distributed sites. Enabled by a third generation Cloud architecture is capable of supporting scaled infrastructure devices and many clients per regional data centre.

Our cloud managed networks offer rapid feature velocity, increased availability, and exceptional flexibility desired for modern access network management. We drastically reduce operational complexity, deliver new analytics & insights, and eliminate the unpredictable costs otherwise associated with growing a network to support the ever-increasing connectivity demands.

CloudINX deploys large scale wired and wireless IP cloud network solutions for data asset management. CloudINX offers cost-effective cloud-connected data centre solutions and a portfolio of world-class tailored best of breed products, and connected cloud-related services, enabling business of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint, we offer our customers a simple way to connect to the Cloud without the need to invest heavily in infrastructure or improve resources.

We are in the business of connecting, securing cloud and big data and networked solutions, and we do this through a cloud ecosystem. A Cloud Independent Network Exchange (INX) that delivers ICT solutions that assist organisations evolve from yesterday’s static data centres to tomorrows online dynamic well-orchestrated and effectively managed globally connected cloud environments, utilising dynamic (SDN) software-defined networking, cloud -pipe, compute to securely store large amounts of data across globally connected data centres.

Our portfolio consists of strategic enterprise CLOUD based technology partnerships for businesses. We leverage a mix of our own and partner IP to develop, produce, distribute and integrate technology solutions aimed at improving a range of cloud applications for our customers. Our solutions are used across the industry from the defence and cybersecurity, enterprise, mining, industrial, rail and telecoms and SME sectors.

CloudINX provides network managed services, connectivity, with direct interconnection to all major providers, from Independent system peering exchanges, that offer low latency high-speed point-to-point and multipoint capacity, metro extension and DWDM in< essential areas, enterprise business IP, BGP transit, and global cloud-connected and colocation facilities. 

CloudINX emerged from an overwhelming need from the industry, to Simply Connect. CloudINX has an unrivalled partner network of key Internet Exchanges; data centres, system, and cloud IaaS/PaaS operators and solution providers Offering simple network expansion solutions into new markets, and a global ‘single point of contact’ a company that was born in the cloud and solely focussed on the CONNECTED CLOUD, solutions without the need for the customer to manage and invest heavily in new infrastructure. 

Our Mission Statement 
To provide data assurance through scalable, connected cloud infrastructures. To give organisations complete control over their growing data securing data in the local purpose-built data centres. To directly manage; optimise, and automate cloud compute, simplify workload, integrate, scale, store, and archive big data.

Africa Growth, and new markets.

The CloudINX Group adheres to local governance, and as such has partners in a country adhering to The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 (BBBEE Act) that provides the legislative framework for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa (BBBEE). The CloudINX Group has a strategic alliance with local distributors. Together we work across a multitude of verticals and graphical regions offering an innovative, scalable and flexible product set. We produce, distribute and integrate bespoke and standard technology products and solutions that's aimed at improving a range of connectivity and applications for our customers..

"Worldwide Data traversal through leading Tier 1 Providers Simplicity, Flexibility, Reliability, Scalability and Security" Simply.Connect


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