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Project Managment

Our Team aim is to become your trusted advisor and technology partner. Our solutions have a strong focus on local support and maintenance. We offer meaningful and measurable service level agreements to our customers to ensure that critical IT infrastructure availability is assured in the event of unforeseen outages or equipment failure.

We have worked on many exciting projects ranging from data exchange, telephony, satellite content storage and replication and undersea fibre carriers connectivity, implemented secured disaster recovery solutions for Countries, Enterprises and SMEs, BIG data archiving storage, advanced cloud compute and data encryption and client server backup solutions.

With today’s dynamic changes in information and communication technology (ICT) the industry brings new opportunities for business everywhere. CloudINX Consulting is leading developments in new ICT and offers a leading service portfolio to help take advantage of these new developments, We offer a comprehensive ICT solution and strategy portfolio to assist our clients execute business strategies and enabling ICT infrastructure efficiency to reduce total cost of ownerships. Together with business support systems (BSS), we also support various end-to-end telecommunication services. We offer data and asset management, network redundancy, disaster recovery and cloud computing solutions eg. Hosted Mail, and web applications, on and offsite back and network heath checks.

CloudINX designs and support networking solutions for enterprise and ISP networked environments. Our ICT consultants provide solutions that perform a critical function that ensure the reliability and functionality of broadband in Sub Saharan Africa, we support our customers with the best of breed and most effective solutions while priding ourselves with supporting our customers with end to end telco – cloud solutions.

CloudINX recognises that clients have diverse compute cloud pipe requirements, they consume it, build on it and migrate to it, we keep things simple, automated and secured.

Client Computing
We offer the ability to remotely connect anytime & anywhere securely, by segmenting the device from the network, We maximise client computing investment and minimise costs and offer a measurable ROI.

Hosted Solutions
‘Cloud’ is a computing model, not a technology. In today’s new cloud model of computing, all the elements related to data centres are made available via the internet  including servers, networks, applications this allows your IT department  to only purchase the computing services that they need.

An ever changing ICT landscape means speed and reliability are all-important when it comes to communication and data networking within organisations, especially now that businesses  are moving  towards cloud-based systems. We offer a range of top-class vendors to support  the CLOUD networking demands.

Our premier CLOUD security vendors offer a wide range of security technologies including network layer security, email security, firewalls, antivirus software, browser security and ‘Unified Threat Management’ (UTM), a comprehensive portfolio solution that has recently emerged in the network security industry as a primary network gateway defence solution for any sized organisations.

We offer a complete portfolio of mission-critical cloud servers that are engineered to deliver record-breaking performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies. Our datacentre and enterprise solutions ensure greater automation and responsiveness in the delivery of business services. Cloud Systems are also designed to run leading operating and virtualisation platforms with greater efficiency and performance and  serve as basic foundations for the implementation of cloud infrastructure. Utilising best of breed hardware ensures resilience, interoperability and integration.

Software plays an indispensable part in the modern cloud working environment, market leaders when it comes to providing solutions for enterprise software, databases, appliance software, CRM, ERP and middleware.

The recent explosion in the amount of data in the workplace has led to constant innovation in data storage solutions. Our premier brands are leaders in providing the necessary hardware required to deal with all data including archiving, data backup & recovery, warehousing, replication, virtualisation, content management systems and specialised storage designed to work with ‘big data’. and IOT cloud based solutions.

Our virtualisation product offerings enable users to save up to 70% on overall IT costs by consolidating resource pools and delivering highly available machines. By dividing a single physical server into multiple logical servers, virtualisation creates a more dynamic and flexible data centre whilst also drastically reducing the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Storage.
Disaster Recovery and more…
Data Centre Networks.
Global Network.

Project Managed Solutions  
IT Operational Planning.
Operations Management.

Smart City Architecture Consulting
Smart City Consulting works with local and national governments to develop Smart city master plans tailored to the specific needs of the MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) and cities, the service develops a full time ICT architecture.

A computer network diagram (schematic) always depicts a CLOUD and is connected to an INX (exchange) it defines the design management and communication methodology, and  strategies of the internet’s data transmission across distributed connected nodes and the inter-connections (internet access and core to edge networking) across various mediums. (Copper, Fibre, WIFI, Satellite)

In the geographically dispersed locations of a telecommunications network, clouds are used to represent internal and external connected networks, Incorporating (LAN) Local Area, (MAN) Metropolitan Area and (WAN), Wide Area, (VPN) Virtual Private Network.

A CloudINX is a global illustration of a connected cloud used by network engineers to depict Enterprise Private public or hybrid network connectivity to an INX – (Internet Network Exchange) it is a simple connected representation of a telecommunications infrastructure and access network,
CloudINX  – Simply.Connect ®

Professional Cloud and Data Cente Consulting Services

Professional Services
Our professional services team of highly skills engineers and project managers specialise in the planning, designing and integration of legacy products to future proof tomorrows networks. Drawing on Global experience, knowledge of industry best practice and specialised tools we asset in getting your deployment up and running smoothly and efficiently. CloudINX and its partners seamlessly move your business into the fully digitised world.

Technical Support
Product Support provides faster resolution of network incidents, keeping business free from disruptions, from onsite support and outsourced consulting management to software updates and hardware replacement and asset disposal, we help you maintain a more stable network and improve productivity. We work hand in hand who our certified service partners to deliver world class professional services and provide (SLA) Service Level Agreements suitable for our clients.

Critical Business Event Support
The whole world is watching when you launch a product, conduct marketing of media events, finish year end closing or have a have any type of critical business event, while your full attention is making the event a success, you may need temporally, onsite or remote support for your network, CloudINX offers temporary cloud service support and project management to make sure your event goes live without a glitch.  We make sure you stay online and ovoid disruptions .We offer support to prevent network disruptions that may affect the event. We monitor network health checks, and data analysis. We assist in the network preparation to make sure your network is ready and optimised; our ICT Consultants give you the confidence to sit back, relax and focus on your launch.

Dedicated Resident Engineer, support and training
Training staff and keeping them up to date on the latest cloud technologies and equipment is an on-going responsibility, when your company receives new equipment or systems your staff need new skills to efficiently operate, maintain and manage them trying to develop the skills in-house can be expensive and a time consuming task, the CloudINX dedicated Resident Engineer Service provides on the job training and staff supplement and support your staff until they are fully trained. This service is also ideal for when you have short or long term shortage of operating staff that can quickly fill the gaps in the project while train and rebuild your team.

The Dedicated Resident Engineers Service Provides :
Qualified engineers dedicated to your company
Direct Access to a variety of brands and supported expertise
Knowledge transfer from engineers to employees         
Proactive network monitoring avoiding network disruptions during any training periods 
Improved network availability and improved loss of productivity  
ISP, Carrier and Enterprise consulting and dedicated on site specialist.

We partner with telecommunications companies across the world providing staff in remote areas helping them to better serve their customers, build and operate cloud connected networks and services, and find a sustainable path to growth and development.Our onsite support teams support clients strategically and operationally as they confront the largest challenges presented by and dynamic and agile industry in rapid transformation and data evolution.

We take the complexity out of legacy networking.
We work with your projects team from the beginning, and set a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in ISP/ CSP networking. By using powerful network management tools, best of breed and optimised capacity, streamlined hardware and software configuration, data workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, tailored business cloud pipe and internal/external data centre infrastructure design.

Keeping business agile and optimised and in the cloud.