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Project Managment and Consulting

Our Team aim is to become your trusted advisor and technology partner. Our solutions have a strong focus on local support and maintenance. We offer meaningful and measurable service level agreements to our customers to ensure that critical IT infrastructure availability is assured in the event of unforeseen outages or equipment failure. With today’s dynamic changes in information and communication technology (ICT) the industry brings new opportunities for business everywhere. CloudINX Consulting is leading developments in new ICT and offers a leading service portfolio to help take advantage of these new developments. We provide a comprehensive ICT solution and strategy portfolio to assist our clients to execute business strategies and enabling ICT infrastructure efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership. Together with business support systems (BSS), we also support various end-to-end telecommunication services. We offer data and asset management, network redundancy, disaster recovery and cloud computing solutions, e.g., hosted Mail, and web applications, on and offsite back and network health checks.

A computer network diagram (schematic) always depicts a CLOUD and is connected to an INX (exchange) it defines the design management and communication methodology, and strategies of the internet’s data transmission across distributed connected nodes and the inter-connections (internet access and core to edge networking) across various mediums. (Copper, Fibre, WIFI, Satellite) In the geographically dispersed locations of a telecommunications network, clouds are used to represent internal and external connected networks, Incorporating (LAN) Local Area, (MAN) Metropolitan Area and (WAN), Wide Area, (VPN) Virtual Private Network. A CloudINX is a global illustration of a connected cloud used by network engineers to depict Enterprise Private public or hybrid network connectivity to an INX – (Internet Network Exchange) it is a connected merely representation of a telecommunications infrastructure and access network, CloudINX – Simply. Connect ®

Keeping business agile, optimised and in the cloud.