Data Centre Services at the Exchange

Interconnected Cloud solutions
The IT landscape, as we know it is changing. And its moving between the edge and the cloud.

The traditional servers, switching, routing, storage and software are in the process of rapidly becoming outdated as for hardware and software morph into the provisioning of virtualised software-defined servicaes in the cloud.

We use cloud technologies every day, and there's a good chance you've already used some form of cloud computing. If you have an email account with a web-based email service such  Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, then you've had some experience with cloud computing. The combined software and storage for your account doesn't reside on your computer -- it's on the service's providers computer cloud. (or at an exchange such as CloudINX Exchange Platform.)

The CloudINX services business model is built on the growing demand for IT-as-a-Service from small and medium enterprises (SME), coupled with the need for service providers to increase the value of their existing offerings and grow broadband revenue.  

The CloudINX Exchange Platform was launched to enable a business to easily adopt cloud solutions with the provisioning and licenses to purchase and manage cloud-related services, through a connected brokerage marketplace. We also have agreements with some of the biggest Telcos.

We offer the supporting services and cloud services for resale through the 'customers' channels and end users as an enabler for businesses to get to market quickly and easily.

We are a dedicated, highly motivated team of IT engineers, project managers,  business analysts, developers with an in-depth understanding of the cloud – pipe networking industry.

The growth of the cloud over the last few years has been phenomenal and has seen an accompanying shift towards cloud technologies within the IT industry.

CloudINX gives businesses and users the ability to increase capacity or add capabilities to scale without investing in new infrastructure and connected data centre services, new personnel, or licensing new software.

As a subsidiary of CloudINX, ( -offers a  cloud services brokerage platform -  a number of solutions to selling or consuming Cloud Services as quickly as possible. These include pure Cloud Services as well as value-added external services such as consulting and support, and much much more.


Data centre services
Our flexible data centre solutions enable you to scale at your own pace, and our nationwide cloud network footprint. Through upstream partner networks, and many exchanges, we connect networks, giving you hundreds of options for staying close to your customers and improving service delivery performance.

Weather its caching big data, delivering HD, voice video and data or accessing private VPN global IP networks 'we're always investing in new routes building new capabilities to ensure that we continue to provide your customers with best-in-class performance, availability and uptime.

All our centres utilize integrated security systems and 24/7/365 on-site, in-house security patrol Data Centre Operations and facility staff are available 24/7, aiding in maintaining our 100% uptime SLA. Power management and energy efficient control systems that monitor the temperature in all zones along with monitored CCTV of all areas and loading bays.

 We have a community of providers that specialize in data protection and cybersecurity to help protect your mission-critical data. Strategic advice on how to best handle your deployment, based on the success of hundreds of previous customer installations. Best practice and cabinetry layouts – optimizing space and managing device installations.

Management of all deployment timelines and implementation of previously agreed upon installation milestones.

Each deployment within a purpose-built centre is coordinated by a Service Manager and project manager to ensure a seamless, professional installation experience for our customers. You are outlining timelines, budgets and costs. Move-in assistance and remote hands.

All our data environments offer a Remote Hands service to our customers. This service resolves a multitude of emergency and routine technical tasks.

We are able to reboot device power, verify power status or reconnect equipment. Simple tasks such as swapping of tapes, storage media or removable media can be easily accomplished by Remote Hands staff.

Tasks such as receiving, racking and stacking and unpacking equipment, moving or discarding boxes or equipment, and basic cleaning of customer space can be done.

Inventory auditing, labelling, unpacking and inventory of tables and equipment can be performed by Remote Hands staff Once a rack is deployed we recognize that there is often a need for Internet service that comes with a data centre deployment, we work with multiple 1st tier upstream IP providers to create a highly-reliable capacity solution and broker the best deals on your behalf at the COIN.

Flexible Capacity with Room to Grow.

We use redundant systems and the latest infrastructure technologies to deliver industry-leading reliability. Even the local geographic climates for our green data centre facilities are factored into to support and eco-friendly environment coastal data centres with the best practice of cooling systems with energy efficient outcomes. Cloud IP exchange service Simple, Efficient, Effective.

Our Blended IP Service options include single connections for traditional connectivity or fully-redundant connections for mission-critical applications, a choice of providers competing for your business. We ensure the best rates for our clients as we have relationships with the carriers. Our Blended IP Service was designed to make it easier for enterprises to manage their IT solutions through a single billing model Fixed monthly fees and guaranteed rates up to the committed information rates.

 Our managed services customers can provide on-boarding, orchestration, and e-management services to help you with nearly any requirement.

From capacity to cloud application.

Whether serving as a primary provider for large-scale deployments or as a redundant storage site for disaster-recovery purposes we have secure, high-performance data centre solutions to address nearly any application requirement from desktop endpoint protection to full server back up and bare metal restoration and any covering any OS. With a 99999.9% uptime SLA guarantee, we are able to meet POPI /GDPR disaster-recovery, redundancy and business-continuity requirements for the most demanding customers. The SLA is backed by rooms of batteries and multiple generators in the data centres on which we operate.