CloudINX Connects with Telehouse Johannesburg Data Centre South Africa

The Telehouse Johannesburg data center provides the highest levels of security, power and cooling enabling Service Level Agreements guaranteeing 99.999% availability.

South Africa, October 02, 2013 – CloudINX (Pty) Ltd.
“As home to Africa's largest stock exchange JSE, Johannesburg features the headquarters of, and numerous multinational corporations. We chose the carrier neutral Data center in Johannesburg South Africa due its strategic location and facilities, it is connected to the NAP Africa platform which offers a wide range of connectivity options for our Africa based clients. The Johannesburg data center and is located within a short distance from O.R. Tambo International airport.” said CloudINX co-founder and CIO.

“CloudINX needed to provide its local customers with Ultra-fast access to one of the world’s leading financial markets and only one local player for us stood out at the time, The Johannesburg data center in South Africa which offers financial clients access to an industry ecosystem, giving direct access to key institutions such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with an achieved latency of 1ms. JSE is the 17th largest exchange in the world by market capitalization. With 400 listed companies and 907 securities (JSE, November 2012), South Africa's exchange is Africa's largest superseding Moscow and Singapore. By partnering at this location and facility gave the CloudINX Exchange an unrestricted choice of networks and service providers to the EMEA markets. With the ability to connect on  NAP Africa a neutral, layer 2 Internet exchange (IX) point provides the greatest carrier diversity in Africa which has recently been linked to Europe’s Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) enabling better Africa connectivity to Europe,  and offering opportunities for European carriers to connect across Africa and EMEAs CloudINX customers.

“Our customers now benefit from connectivity via major international carriers including the SAT3/SAFE systems Seacom, on the East Coast with the WACS West African Cable system on the West Coast and Eassy which connects all BRICS countries.”

“Connecting at this data centre means local mobile carriers including Vodacom, Level 3 and BT other main carriers such as Telkom, Neotel,  Broadband Infraco and fiber infrastructure provider Dark Fibre Africa can be accessed in a simpler, faster, better and cost effective way. Offering 99.999% uptime availability The Data Centre provides all the industry standards of a global data center providing security, fire protection and cooling, adheres to a N+1 redundancy policy, with power provided on a 2N basis allowing us to offer SLAs guaranteeing availability.”

We also connect at The Cape Town data center located in Rondebosch within the southern suburbs of the city that has become the economic hub of the Western Cape Province. The Cape Town data center meets the global standards providing 99.999% uptime the data center is also monitored 24x7 by on site specialists versed in all aspects of IT and colocation facility management. The carrier neutral data center provides access to a large eco system of local and international carriers, content providers, ISP’s and managed services providers. Which works with our strategic plans of customer growtth and global connectivity.
CloudINX has access to the NAP Africa architecture a neutral, layer 2 Internet exchange (IX) point, located within each of the data center facilities in South Africa. Instead of costly multiple direct links to different providers, we utilize a single peering point which allows multiple networks and ISPs to interconnect using an advanced internet exchange environment. In today's broadband market of exploding traffic volumes, network, ISPs and content providers peer to exchange their traffic in order to achieve

  • Reduced costs in local bandwidth;
  • Reduced latency with simplified routing and direct interconnects;
  • Improved performance by bypassing potential traffic bottlenecks;
  • Increased resilience by offering convenient multiple network
  • Connection options;

“Connecting at facilities like these means CloudINX can provide a better choice of connectivity options to our clients, and content demands within Africa and between Africa, then to rest of the world. Network and Content Providers are reaping the benefits of collocating within neutral data centers which offer access to exchanges where traffic can be exchanged easily and keeps local traffic local.”

CloudINX nodes are connected locations throughout the world and have become popular interconnected locations for exchange points such as in Amsterdam AMS-IX, DE-CIX and London (LINX) for the precise reason of traversing international data traffic.
Teraco also launched Africa’s first vendor neutral satellite earth station. The station, which effectively positions the data center as the most connected data center in Africa, and has far-reaching effects for Satellite Service Providers, African carriers and Internet Service Providers with CloudINX connectivity now available through fiber, wireless and satellite, this strategic offering reinforces CloudINX as the communication hub for Southern Africa.
A satellite earth station is a terrestrial station with multiple parabolic antennas or receivers that function as a hub connecting a satellite with a terrestrial telecommunications network. The station, will provide clients positions on which to deploy their receivers at the Isando Data Centre site. 

The teleport positions the data center as the preeminent landing station of choice for CloudINX, connecting AfriSat and other Satellite Service Provider communities (SSP’s). SSP’s will now be able to position their receivers enabling direct access to a community of global communication companies without the need to incur significant capital expenditure. More importantly, SSP’s now have the ability, via NAP Africa, to distribute their services to the community without having to incur on-going last mile costs, which to date have largely restricted SSP service offerings to the broader market. CloudINX have access to an immediately visible and continuously growing eco system, a network of peers with just one peering agreement. Peering at NAP Africa allows carriers and providers, internet businesses and financial organizations to directly connect their internet infrastructure through a distributed, fast, and cost-effective Ethernet fabric to reduce IP-transit costs and to improve network connectivity and resilience. This move will now make satellite connectivity more affordable to South African corporates. 

As the first vendor neutral satellite station in Africa, the Teleport will enhance market offerings whereby service providers can add collective value from the data center environment.  “Vendor neutrality is effectively a focused business model in which a provider limits its activities to a fixed set of value layers to avoid conflicts of interest with clients,” says van Wyk from Teraco. Teraco remains neutral and independent and offers standard open interconnect policies.
“The teleport will use existing and new Teraco infrastructure as well as link directly into the data centre via fibre,” says van Wyk. “We are providing access to municipal power, resilient generator power, top-class security as well as access control.” 

CloudINX clients in Africa benefit from the advantages of full racked colocation in addition to having access to all fibre and wireless points and now satellite connectivity. This allows for reduced interconnect fees, the freedom to select the best access provider and easy connections to numerous other clients in that eco system housed in the data center