CloudINX Message from the Global COO

“CloudINX strives to be one of the leading sustainable cloud integration companies in the ICT industry, we have clearly defined our intent in the companies CSR and vision and have identified weight areas of sustainable data centre strategy to make this vision a reality,

1) Environment 2) Safety  3) Quality 4) Value chain 5) Employees 6) ICT contribution 7) Corporate governance 8) and Internal control.

Every one of these pillars are essential to build trust in our relationships with our Clients.

CloudINX peruses the corporate vision of Simply.Connect and continues to provide high quality internet connectivity and ICT related services to our customers, we will continue to support eco-friendly world class data centres that undeniable impact the conservation of the global environment. Our aim is to reduce the impact of carbon emissions and we will continue to work with global data centres and authorised equipment manufactures to protect our global environment. Where suited a virtualised environment is now being implemented and the first project is set to launch in Africa under the “Virtual Data Centre” project.

Today’s volatile global communications requires business to make the best use of resources while delivering superior products and services with outstanding customer service. The business that thrive in today’s economy are companies that invest in ways that position them competitively as well as future proofing their business.

At CloudINX we are uniquely positioned to assist our customers from a managed services prospective as well as a consolidated ideology approach to clients. Our strategy to our market is having a strong team of highly skilled trained staff and backed by established strategic cloud partnerships that form the basis of our offering. Holding some of the highest qualifications in cloud related technology which sets us apart from our completion. Todays these partnerships have seen us work on complex challenging cross border, global communications projects in world class data centre environments. Integral to our success has been on going execution of our cloud services and global expansion leading to the CloudINX diversity and world class strategic partnerships, increased value and CUSTOMER relevance.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our infrastructure partners and customers for their support and loyalty, partnerships that continue to collaborate and innovate with us today, a special thank you to each one of our global data centre support staff for their unwavering 24x7 commitment to continued excellence.”

Global COO CloudINX