CloudINX Provides Internet exchange optimization and reduces WAN costs.

CloudINX Reduces networking costs, with a low latency Ethernet solution and extends ISP and Carrier routing via global Equinix data centers.

South Africa, Jan. 18, 2016  CloudINX (Pty) Ltd.

A network solutions provider (CSP) and independent network exchange, with roots in Europe as a network brokerage and trusted advisory consulting company, today announced it is partnering and investment in Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, to optimize enterprise data center connectivity and network decentralization, as part of the Equinix Performance Hub™ and Cloud Exchange™ solution.

The EMEIA (Europe Middle East, India and Africa) strategy allows the extended reach of global customers through Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange solutions that combines the CloudINX industry-leading WAN optimization solution and extends the CloudINX Global data center offering, networking and public, hybrid and private cloud computing stack to improve application performance and the quality of connectivity experience when extending the enterprise to a hybrid cloud environment, the partnership brings strong local telco expertise into the region.

“A secure, cost effective flexible, real time, reliable, best practice solution that distributes a company’s foundation data center infrastructure. With scalability and secure connections across multiple locations to accelerate application, high performance data delivery, to employees, customers, and partners worldwide. It’s about bringing together business services to where people, employees, partners, clients and business meet. It’s about raising the bar for service performance in the b2b space” - CEO CloudINX

The CloudINX (Independent Network Exchange) enables enterprises to securely and reliably to now leverage a further 160,000+ cross connects networks, to 4 750 +businesses in 33 metros around the world and in 150+ independent data centers service providers with >99.99999% reliability located inside Equinix data centers. With the addition of CloudINX WAN optimization, and virtual data center solutions enterprises can consolidate cloud connections at Equinix business exchanges to dramatically reduce response times (from weeks to minutes) for business-critical applications. This enables enterprises to benefit from more reliable, accelerated access to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, storage backup and data recovery as well cloud apps such as Office365, and Google Docs. Global enterprises such as Chevron, eBay and Nvidia have already elected to deploy in Equinix Performance Hub architectures around the world.

“What we are trying to do is enable customers and partners to get to the cloud,” said, chief sales officer at Equinix. “This is high-level engagement around enterprise customer engagements.”

“The more enterprises move to a hybrid cloud architecture, the more we hear about the strain on network performance and how to provide a consistent quality of experience to a distributed workforce,” said CTO of Equinix.

“The Equinix platform combines the CloudINX WAN optimization and cloud exchange platform, and offers our graphically dispersed customers a carrier neutral, non-vendor lock in environment and the convenience of cloud access to bring users closer to business-critical data and cloud resources from anywhere in the world. We needed one partner that could help us scale on quick demand while maintaining our independence. Equinix have empowered us as a their trusted advisor and EMEA partner to deliver their service offerings, a win-win investment where we can confidently assist our customers with their significant growth and cloud strategies” said co-founder and CIO of CloudINX.

“Today’s partnering allows us to add “next-generation” cloud interconnection solutions to existing product offerings. As well as offer more retail colocation hosting services, disaster recovery options, business enablement applications and content acceleration, reduced complexity but most importantly better, faster interconnection and connectivity that help to safeguard customer’s mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability. We are now able to connect companies like yours to the core of the internet, giving our customers a choice of carriers and ISPs via the same data centers as the Googles and the Microsfts. So our customers can experience faster ubiquitous data provisioning, superior customer experience and cost containment solutions.”

“The Cloud Exchange provides direct access to multiple clouds and multiple networks from a single port. Wide area networking is going through a major transformation as the boundaries of enterprise IT extend into the public cloud, our competencies in; consultative ITIL, project management, ICT, SDN, WAN optimization, global communications and virtualization make CloudINX the perfect solution for extending enterprise connectivity to the cloud. Equinix understands this, and we are excited to be collaborating with them closing the digital divide between enterprise users and the cloud.

A win-win solution as our customers also gain access to a vital global ecosystem where major networks, enterprises, buyers, sellers and business partners interconnect with each other. A truly game changing solution for industries such as medical, education, aerospace, defense, financial, broadcasting and enterprise. Companies trust Equinix with what matters to most of them—their information assets, and end user connectivity challenges where multiple hops are encountered, multiple points of failure could occur, network integration and the security of multiple clouds addressed, with today’s data dispersion and big data demand we needed a partner that could truly manage data, consolidate in real time with real analytics and generate on demand network insights, the ability to move and exchange big data around international networks in a secure no limitations environments, while reducing cost yet increasing performance, by partnering with one company that shares so many of our core values that can seamlessly provide the scalability and flexibility of an on demand cloud-based business model and still retaining superior service for our customers made business sense. Today we can now reach all the world's top business markets and traders can trade in nanoseconds.

“As our customer’s data and cloud demands grew we released we needed to expand, we looked for a partner that could extend our customers global reach requirements while providing the solutions we need, our customers can now connect from the smallest remote office sites to the largest international data centers. Traders interact fast, saving billions at the financial markets using any type of application or traffic type combination. Combining the CloudINX offering and capabilities with the Equinix Performance Hub ensuring maximum performance when migrating applications and data to the cloud.” Co-founder and CIO CloudINX

“In The workplace of the future your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more graphical locations using more devices and expecting more than ever. The current IT and network architectures were built for a different time and in conflict with many of the core requirements of modern day IOT, computing most pressingly the need to interconnect people, locations, multi clouds and data. The demand for high performance, rich media connectivity is unprecedented and must be met in innovative ways, with Interconnection solutions from CloudINX it can be. An interconnected enterprise directly connects its employees, partners and customers to what they need in the right context using the devices channels and services they prefer, resulting in extraordinary experiences for your customers, high engagement for your employees, and top value for your shareholder and exponential growth for your business.

Together with Equinix we enable more than 145,000 connections among our customers with over 1000 different network choices, over 500 cloud service providers making it easier for you to reach billions of users through our leading global interconnection platform, Cloud Services are quickly being adopted worldwide, but concerns about them linger. People worry that adopting cloud services mean more expenses with less reliability, control and security.

Using the Equinix exchange brings together cloud services providers and users, enabling them to establish affordable, private, high performance connections with the platform. A vibrant eco system that puts you in reach of the partners and customers you need, to speed growth and uncover opportunity is invaluable to your growth and revenue opportunities, CloudINX is now the ideal partner to make this happen with our vibrant ecosystems, the Equinix name is not only trusted just because of their longevity, its trusted because of their proven performance and unmatched experience. CloudINX chose Equinix as their partner because we needed to provide innovative, affordable, flexible and high performing cloud solutions to our customers, now with Equinix and Microsofts Azures express route they are able to do this, we built new and unique hybrid cloud solutions saving up to 30% on total IT costs over 5 years, resulting in our customer deploying and scaling more quickly.

Brightroll is one of the largest video agency owned by Yahoo, Brightroll needed a real time bidding solution to minimize data latency between bidders and its exchange, locating its video ad exchange inside and Equinix data center allowed Bright Roll to bypass the unpredictable public internet, they cut real time bidding network latency by 80% and raised successful bid rate by 48% potential revenue” said co-founder and CIO of CloudINX

Microsoft has extended a partnership with data center firm Equinix that delivers a private connection between corporate IT and the Azure cloud platform to serve 16 markets globally. Steven Martin, Microsoft's general manager for Windows Azure, said “that many enterprise customers are looking for a seamless bridge between public cloud providers and their physical data centers when building a hybrid cloud strategy. By building private connections between Microsoft's Azure data centers and those of Equinix, customers that have private cloud infrastructure co-located in Equinix data centers will benefit from a more reliable connection with lower latency. Equinix can also provide a link between Azure and a customer's on premise infrastructure.

“Equinix offers the security, performance, and global footprint that organizations need to take advantage of the cloud computing shift.” Phil Brotherton, VP of Data Fabric Group, Netapp.