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CloudINX Importance of backing up employee data

South Africa, June 30, 2018 – CloudINX (Pty) Ltd Importance of backing up employee data

With a staggeringly high figure of employee data not backed up, business critical data is left vulnerable to threats with catastrophic consequences. Numerous factors which pose a threat to company hardware and important data include physical damage, device theft, accidental deletion and cyber attacks. If data on these machines is lost it can ultimately lead to liquidation of a company. However, even from the smallest business to the largest of firms, each possess business critical data, which if compromised, affect day-to-day operations - potentially causing shutdowns if backup is ignored.

As IT infrastructure across all businesses, both small and large, reach higher complexity, data assurance becomes of paramount significance. Businesses today have options of storage including virtualisation, cloud services and even a need to consider mobile devices which store company data. Areas of company operations neglected by many businesses is data protection and assurance of business continuity.

Without the proper precautions in place, businesses stand at risk of losing crucial business information such as general business data, customer data, employee records, historical records, legal documents, contracts and partner information and accounting information. Standing to lose such data pose high risks to all companies however the three most significant reasons to backup employee data include general protection, safety from ransomware attacks, and efficiency and mobility

Protection .

Almost every business operation from sales in a retail store, to financial and Human Resource management is run on computers. Many businesses may not be able to function daily without these devices. It is estimated that computers used for business store up to 80% of critical data. Over time employees’ computers tend to lag and perish due to wear and tear, while some may even demise without warning. For peace of mind this business critical data stored on computers need to be backed up to be recovered, if lost due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Cyber Attacks

Data breaches take place on a daily basis, often with costly implications for firms that fall victim to cyber attacks. Sensitive information stored on business computers is left vulnerable during malicious attacks. The Breach Level Index estimates almost 5 million records stolen daily, translating to an astonishing 58 data records poached a second, globally. A study by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM placed the global average cost at $3.6 million per breach, or $141 per data record in the 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study. In the space of less than a decade, the world has seen massive data breaches leaving the data of billions vulnerable.

Efficiency and mobility

A trend among company’s today is allowing employees to take home, work issued hardware, often to work off-site or to increase mobility. However, employees not being present at an office, to fulfil their role or responsibilities - is common. This could mean that data required for daily business may not be at the office. In the unfortunate event, an employee falls ill or cannot go to their office, business operations could also be impacted. Business computers also face the threat of theft, leaving data stored on these machines compromised or lost. In these cases, business critical data that has been backed up to insure business continuity and efficiency.

While data backup has been around since companies became reliant on computers for business, scores of firms around the world, have since become cognisant of the benefits of backing up business critical data, offsite. More organisations recognise the need for data assurance to secure company information across devices.

Today, businesses demand the a backup solution that meets the unique needs of geographically distributed organisations. These companies also insist on having the ability to safeguard the needs of end-users without, compromising network resources. As such it is vitally important to choose a service that caters to all these needs and offers a business peace of mind.

CloudINX offers the EVault solution as a hybrid cloud service for endpoint backup and archival, that allows IT to mitigate data loss and data breach at the frontier of their organization while maximizing network and end-user performance.

The Hybrid Cloud Service ensures maximum deployment flexibility with an endpoint in the public cloud, a private cloud, on-premises in a company’s own data center or a combination of all three.

EVault offers the best-in-class public cloud options in partnership with Microsoft and IBM to deploy best-in-class enterprise public or private clouds. Data vaults are graphically located across USA, Europe and Africa with centralised management which is able to restore user data and prevent breaches with audit trails, monitoring and alerts.

With competitive pricing, EVault offers Endpoint Backup from just 6$ Per Month which includes enterprise-grade endpoint automatic data backup and archival for the mobile workforce. This solution provides business with secure backup, offer clients peace of mind that they will always be in control of their data. Protect. Secure and Recover.

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