Datacentre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and SAM

Datacentre Infrastucture Managment as a Service

We provide Infrastructure solutions for the entire Data Center and its life cycle.We’re proud to offer the largest portfolio of physical infrastructure solutions for IT rooms and data centers, including components, services and software systems for traditional, converged, hyper converged or customized IT architecture.

Global visibility

  • Real-time device monitoring and alarm consolidation
  • Insights into the current hybrid IT environment with single-pane-of-glass visibility.

  • Simple deployment

    A subscription model optimized for any-size customer, for increased convenience.

    Vendor Neutral Solution
    Data collection from all devices, regardless of vendor is through and centralize management of all networked devices.

    With the demand for latency and on premise compute solutions, Edge computing sites are requiring the same level of system resiliency as regional data center locations.
    Corporate and SME locations are expected to operate with minimal local IT staff, with no monitoring or on premise hardware supervision. Our Micro rack solutions is an on premise Data Center all in one solution that are deployed with standardized architecture, remotely managed, and physically secure IT on prem, at the Edge.

    We provide integrated solutions that modernize your physical infrastructure while optimizing performance, space and availability

    On-premise applications and/or cloud services that match your business needs.
    We combine this with a Cloud-enabled, vendor-neutral DCIM software solution to monitor your data centers and IT server rooms..

    Simplicity, reliability, efficiency and scalability, while keeping your data center secure, maintained and on.
    Software to monitor and control your entire physical infrastructure
    Automate and integrate data center management
    Simplify and speed up planning, designing and building your data center

    We provide a physical infrastructure for your data, in secure global locations that provide a strong, secure framework that is able to grow and adjust with your needs, while staying in budget and optimizing network performance. When our world class Data Centre Infrastructure Management software (DCIM) is installed and your data center is operational, you then have peace of mind that you can collect and analyze your data, infrastructure and control  over power and processes system-wide or on individual devices.

    We also offer a complete portfolio of Data Access Management solutions services to assess, plan, design, build and operate your data center.
    Our Data Center Life Cycle Services enable you to use as much or little of our expertise no matter where you are in the data center life cycle. 


    Instantly view your entire data centre environments using the single pane of glass, A multi-tenant interface, we use leading open source software to monitor a range of manufacturers so you can quickly and simply action recommendations based on analytics. Mitigate risks by running assessments of the data centre critical assets, including UPS health checks, lifetime alarms and cooling

    Identify new CRITICAL hardware refresh, in real-time data, including critical UPS status, lifetime alarms and cooling to help optimize your environment. Explore the running list of equipment assessed in your customer’s environment, and data related to alarms, temperatures, device age and more. Assessments can be exported into pdf format for easy presentation and delivery to your customer.


    Manage an overview your infrastructure with a detailed list view of each of the devices connected to their environment and related alarms and benchmark results. Manage visibility of every connected device, (data is in read-only mode for security )


    Optimize the entire data centre infrastructure by aligning against industry standards and best practices. Leverage the 500 million data points received per day in the systems library, an updated data pool to compare battery temperature, battery age and UPS age. The advanced Analytics help data centre and IT managers take a more predictive approach when it comes to improving the  equipment efficiency.


    Gain a thorough understanding of the incidents all in one view, explore alarm distribution for a wide range of critical assets and critical alarm history by day. For more detailed information, drill down into each individual occurring alarm to enable fast remediation.

    Data Centre Design

    We leverage a suite of digital planning, designing, and configuration tools to meet the cost, timing, and performance requirements for new and updated data centers. Our engineers and solution architects offer services that are unparalleled in the industry. Our expertise is comprised of proven methodologies, robust design tools, and an extensive library of reference designs so developing a customized data center design is fast, simple, and cost effective.


    Our project engineering expertise has been gained from years of experience managing some of the world’s largest and most complex data center infrastructure projects. We know that finishing a project on time and on budget is highly important to data center stakeholders. From basic assembly, hardware and software integration, commissioning, and start-up to on-site project management, we use systematic approaches to successfully reduce risk and minimize costs.


    We offer an unmatched  portfolio of services to optimize the availability and efficiency of your data center. We can remotely monitor or have dedicated operators on-site, part-time or 24/7, to operate your data center using a highly developed, standardized program focused on industry best practices.

    Our comprehensive services portfolio ensures critical applications receive proper care and maintenance to operate at optimal levels. With access to a  global team of specialists, we can provide maintenance, monitoring, and optimization services. We also offer on-site service to maintain and optimize your data center infrastructure for every component in the rack, row, and room

    Data Access Management

    SAM – Software Life Cycle Asset Management

    We provide a centralised program interface for our customers to analyse, review and manage their environment. CloudINX has assisted organisations globally in delivering SAM services, and as cloud experts we understand the challenges that IT teams face when implementing cloud and network solutions.

    Our management platform provides access to a unique range of services, tools and training content, to supporting the standardised approach to developing technology deployment.

    We keep data centres available, efficient, and safe through all lifecycle phases with simple cloud software solutions.

    Our physical infrastructure solutions are designed to meet your operational needs.

    CloudINX Data Management solutions protect and optimize data centers and networks in many industries worldwide — from data centres found across food and beverage to healthcare, utilities to transportation, and more.