Data Migration Services.
Maintain data and business continuity while your data is kept safe.

CloudINX offers comprehensive, reliable data migration servives that help you cost-effectively manage the impact of switching complex storage platforms. We make it easy to consolidate disparate media to a common format and type. If your business maintains legacy data on tapes or other outdates media, we can move it to disk drives, or cloud making it much more accessible and reliable, better indexed, and more cost-effective to store.

  • Easily access formerly difficult-to-reach data
  • Manage legacy data cost-effectively
  • Ensure business continuity

Data Migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. It is often required when organizations change computer systems or upgrade to new systems. public, private or hybrid environments.

Legacy data that is stored in out-of-date or obsolete formats is evaluated, indexed, and de-duplicated. It is then migrated to newer, more cost-effective and reliable media.