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Download EVault Endpoint Protection 15-Day Free Trial (Windows or Mac) With EVault Endpoint Protection:

• Users get automated, continuous, worry-free backup, plus easy self-service restores
• Your company can lock down valuable corporate data through encryption, port access control, device tracking, remote data deletion, and more.
• IT gets central, policy-based administration and compressed, globally deduplicated data transfer for more oversight with less overhead
• You get that control with EVault® Endpoint Protection, the integrated desktop/laptop backup, recovery, and data security solution expressly designed to meet the unique protection requirements of today’s mobile data.
• EVault Endpoint Protection is the most comprehensive data protection solution for business laptops and desktops.

Now restoring lost files and securing data on your Windows laptop or desktop is at your fingertips.

Instructions for installing EVault Endpoint Protection and getting help if needed.

NOTE: If you have a previous version of EVault Endpoint Protection on your computer, you will need to uninstall it before installing EVault Endpoint Protection again.

Installing EVault Endpoint Protection
• EVault Endpoint Protection software is a client application that runs on your Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. Follow these simple steps to install the software, which should only take a few minutes.


Download the EVault Endpoint Protection client software for your computer, either by running it from the web or saving it to your hard disk, by going to


Download the EVault Endpoint Protection client software for your computer, either by running it from the web or saving it to your hard disk, by going to

Follow the instructions on the installation screens. When activating your EVault Endpoint Protection client for the first time, you will be asked for the activation URL and your personal activation code: a. Activation URL: (Please send a mail to requesting activation key).

Kindly add your name, company name, contact number, required OS and preferred reseller name in the email. When pasting the activation code, it will paste the correct part of the code into each of the 5 boxes.

Write down a secret passphrase of between 20 and 40 characters and save it separately from your computer. This passphrase will be used in one of the encryption steps which is vital to protect your data. Getting Help If you need help installing or using EVault Endpoint Protection, you can click the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

To submit feedback, questions, future feature suggestions or any other thoughts on the product, please email us at Uninstall EVault Endpoint Protection Prior to installing EVault Endpoint Protection, please uninstall any previous versions of EVault Endpoint Protection from your computer by following these steps:

1) Remove the previous version by going to the Add/Remove Programs applet in the control panel on Windows XP, to the Programs and Features control panel applet on Windows Vista or to Uninstall a program from the control panel on Windows 7.

2) Check to make sure the DCProtectData directory has been deleted from the drive where you had EVault Endpoint Protection installed; delete it if it has not.