Automatic cloud backup for any filetype.
Back up at the Cloud Exchange. Endpoint protection, Starting at just 6 $ per month, what are you waiting for ? It's your data. Keep it that way.


45% of all corporate data is held on endpoint devices which most organizations don't control.

Endpoint data is vulnerable

Businesses looking to protect valuable data on laptops and other devices need to consider how widely distributed data has become thanks to greater workforce mobility. No business is immune to data loss resulting from accidental deletions, ransomware and lost or stolen devices. Protect the data across all the computers and devices in your organization with endpoint backup solutions. Protecting data from human error, malware and theft becomes more complicated when protection is spread across wide geographic distances and complex network topologies .We offer a hybrid cloud solution for endpoint backup and archiving that allows IT to mitigate data loss and data breach at the frontiers while maximizing network and end user performance.

Protect your company and your workforce from data loss, data breach and ransomware.

    • Policy-controlled backups that don’t interfere with end-user productivity
    • LAN-speed backup and recovery quick caching allowing organizations to decrease time-to-protection
    • Secure, remote data access from any device, anywhere, anytime.
    • An Endpoint protection solution that safeguards the data that resides on your organization’s computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Using file-level backup with patented global deduplication software tha gives you the tools to manage bandwidth and accelerate data recovery speeds on distributed networks.

      Maximum deployment flexibility
      An endpoint protection solution engineered with central management and control features that simplify deployment while minimizing disruptions due to bandwidth restrictions or geographic dispersion of networks. Deploy in the public cloud, a private cloud, on-premises in your own data center or a combination of all three.

      Best-in-class public cloud options
      Take advantage of global relationships with Microsoft to deploy best-in-class enterprise public or private clouds.

      Centralized management
      Centrally manage and restore user data and prevent breaches with audit trails, monitoring and alerts.

      Customize the solution to meet your unique needs
      Using Endpoint API—including batch restores. Optimize and centrally manage backup and archiving for your distributed, mobile workforce. Your critical business data is distributed across tens, hundreds, thousands of your employees’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most companies don’t have a comprehensive solution to this complex problem, leaving them vulnerable.

    • Bandwidth is a limited resource, store data locally

      Bandwidth is a fixed resource for any business our Quick Caching enables you to back up at LAN speeds over your internal network, while deferring bandwidth utilization to the cloud until off-peak hours.

      At CloudINX we believe simolicicity and integration is critical

      Endpoint management must seamlessly fit into your environment. Manage and protect data on all the laptops, desktops and mobile devices across your entire business with powerful, configurable backup technology. With custom end-user dashboards, APIs for deeper integration, automated health reporting, AD/LDAP integration and single sign-on, reducing your IT burden.

      • Proven scale
        Leverage our proven scale to support employees in ROBO offices without adding headcount.
        Maximum deployment flexibility and scalability for large, distributed organizations

        Storage efficiency
        Save on storage without sacrificing security—even in a multi-tenant environment—with powerful global deduplication technology.

        • Quick Caching
          To reduce or eliminate bandwidth consumption and accelerate time-to-protection. is simple to install and centrally managed.
        • Enterprise-grade endpoint backup and archiving for the mobile workforce
        • Intelligent global usage of bandwidth for fewer disruptions to users and the network
        • QuickCache is a smart, centrally managed data cache installed on hardware or in the cloud that helps you manage bandwidth consumption and decrease time-to-protection.

        • Used in conjunction with Endpoint Backup, a QuickCache on a NAS device in a remote location can perform backup and global deduplication within minutes of installation. To manage bandwidth utilization, simply shift uploads to the central Endpoint backup vault to off-peak times when network traffic is lower.

        • Accelerate backup and recovery and reduce network utilization. Provide faster data restores and improve network traffic efficiency further by backing up encrypted data to a device’s local cache. This means data can be restored without having to travel across your organization’s WAN or LAN. Managing how big data travels across the corporate network has become a critical task for all IT professionals. IT needs solutions that ease the already massive traffic flows on their networks and have mechanisms built in to allow them to direct traffic across the WAN.
          Detect the user’s network and turn off backup if their device is connected to an LTE, 4G or 3G mobile network to create a cost-effective and friction-free experience for employees.

          Mitigate data loss and data breach 
          Protect mobile devices and data from internal and external threats while addressing regulatory requirements and the consequences of lost or stolen laptops and tablets.
          Data encryption Data is encrypted before it leaves the device using 256-bit AES encryption at rest and Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL).  Enterprise Key Controller Provides an extra layer of security and control for companies using the public cloud or a third party data center.

          Secure data centers:
          Deploy in state-of-the-art  secure data centers that are SAS 70 Type II, SSAE 16 audited and ISO 27001 certified.

          Data wipe
          Data can be wiped remotely with time-based policy triggers or on-demand when a device is lost or stolen.

          Prepare for litigation
          Easily comply with legal hold requirements when facing litigation. Maximize network and end user

      • How it works

        • Our solutions gives your organization the tools you need to manage global bandwidth usage Simply and intelligently so there’s no disruption to network performance.
        • Establish a centrally-managed vault in our Azure-hosted vault, your Azure Enterprise account or your own data center.
        • Silently deploy the backup software on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones using management tools like SCCM, Intune, LANDesk and others.
        • Back up distributed devicesr directly to the secure GDPR PROTECTED vaults.
        • Recover data, or remotely wipe data if a device is lost or stolen.

        Data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique that reduces storage needs by eliminating redundant data and storing only one unique instance of the data.

        Data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique that reduces storage needs by eliminating redundant data and storing only one unique instance of the data.
        Current data deduplication techniques fall into two broad categories:

      • Client-side deduplication Occurs at the source (where the data is created and stored)

      • Target-side deduplication Takes place on the server (after the data has already been transported to its archival storage location).

      • While both forms of deduplication generally provide the same level of storage savings, client-side deduplication provides additional efficiencies through reductions in network bandwidth consumption. Our software  uses a client-side deduplication process that also provides enhanced security for enterprise businesses. Deduplication of encrypted data End-to-end security and privacy of data are core pillars of Carbonite - Data Castle Endpoint Backup.

        Automated key management:
         By utilizing our automated key management and encryption technology in conjunction with our unique data deduplication technology.

        No compromises:
        Other forms of data deduplication technology require a choice between decryption on the server (which compromises security, privacy, multi-tenancy, etc.) or deduplication that is limited to data from individual data sources (instead of data across the enterprise).

        Client-side processing
        Each block of data is completely processed on the client. So from the server’s point of view, each block is an opaque unit. In fact, no data analysis is even possible on the server, which just files the data in the data store. Each file is disassembled into a set of variable length blocks that are then processed on the client. After scoping rules have been applied to a data block, a unique block encryption key is deterministically generated.

      • Block encryption
        This key is then used to encrypt the block using AES 256-bit encryption. The block encryption process ends after each data block has been encrypted. And as a final step, the block encryption key is then itself encrypted and any clear text representation of the key is removed from the system.

      • Data deduplication
        Following data deduplication, each file can be represented by a simple index that associates a list of unique data blocks required with their order of arrangement and identifies the block encryption key required to completely reassemble an instance of the original data.

        • Supported platforms
          • Windows 10, 8, 7
          • Mac OS X 10.10 and later
          • iOS 8 and later • Android 4.1 Microsoft Azure
          • Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2
          • SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012