Call Centres

Call Centres

Data secure for mail exchanges, OS, databases, all file types, laptops desktops, & phones

In contrast to call centers, contact centers represent essential robust multimedia contact points between companies and their customers.
Contact centers generate huge amounts of data that needs to be retrieved, and backed up, they allow customers to choose between telephony, email, and chat customer contact options. and this data needs to be secured. This allows companies to track and manage and make intelligent and sophisticated data driven decisions for their customer contacts, and help minimize information loss. 

It allows companies to maximize return on investment within its agent base and to ensure that staffing adjusts dynamically to customers demands. We implement advanced secure archiving solutions for voice, video, and data solutions for Contact Center, CRM desktop application backups security and back office solutions blended inbound and outbound calls storage to manage sales campaigns and customer order processing and legallity.

Key Benefits:

On line server restoration, data secure and data retrieval solutions for UC&C and Contact Center applications and feature sets.
Data security and peace of mind for server deployment with intuitive and central management capabilities, reduces time, footprint, and resources required to manage the system.

Easy to operate and easy to maintain

Total Cost of Ownership
Customers are looking for solutions that can provide "more for less", something that the Contact Center solutions are especially well positioned to do. With no additinal hardware required, simple cloud implementation and data storage, DR and back up processes, our customers experience the lowest possible total cost of ownership and peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.