CloudINX is a leading provider of online tape-less backup, data protection and business continuity solutions for financial institutions. We provide simple flexible solutions that scale from simple data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery data management solutions. Our online backup solutions are based on a powerful software platform with a choice of hosted, On-premises software or managed service offerings. Financial firms protect client data and provide accurate reporting through regulations such as Gramm-Leach Bliley Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

It is increasingly difficult for financial services organizations to find a colocation provider that provides the connectivity required for latency-sensitive applications while also offering cost-effective scalability for large data workloads. We operate A CLOUD NETWORK on network-dense, enterprise-class data centre campuses in key CBD locations. Financial organizations are tasked with managing mission-critical applications, from latency sensitive and secure trading to basic store and compute. Our data centre solutions address nearly any performance requirement while providing the flexibility to scale from single cabinets to a dedicated suite. We operate data centres in major metros connected to an array of exchanges that offer interconnection options to hundreds of networks, cloud and IT providers, and nanosecond latency to nearly all major financial exchanges

At CloudINX we make it easy to comply.
Our proven disk-to-disk technology provides the ideal solutions for satisfying all regulations such as POPI and GDPR with SAS 70 certification, complete data encryption, and our trusted reputation backed by leading Gartner vendors. Our solutions ensure that you quickly recover lost files or even full-scale disasters and return to operations. Our Financial Cloud solution accelerates financial product innovation. High-performance servers and software-defined storage replace traditionally closed architectures, significantly reducing’ ICT costs. Solutions that incorporate and enable secure and auditable transactions, and better customer service such storing legacy video files.

Our secured SAS 70 Type II, tiered, certified data centres, coupled with complete data encryption, enable GLBA, FFIEC and SOX compliance. Operational benefits eliminate the need for storing tapes while eliminating the risk of loss and irretrievable data. A common software platform eliminates the need to retrain IT support as your business grows. The CloudINX solutions automate the disk-to-disk process for a set and forget backups. With no legacy tapes to manage, our customers save time, reduce costs and see an immediate ROI. Backups are stored on disk safely offsite for compliance or even in multiple locations.