Our fully connected healthcare solutions provide medical professionals and organizations with the infrastructure they need to collaborate, securely share large documents, process, and use healthcare data more effectively. Such as large file sharing, X-ray and high definition through the optical backend, securing data and patient files offsite. We supply the data storage infrastructure for medical PACS, patent data retrieval, or picture archiving, a medical imaging technology used for storing, retrieving, presenting and sharing images produced by various medical hardware modalities, such as X-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound machines.

We provide a network storage platform for tomorrows next-generation 3D and big data requirements.
Our solutions are is trusted by hundreds of hospitals. Our online backup and recovery solutions address the complexity of explosive data growth, the challenge of maintaining high availability of critical business systems, and the increasing demands of regulatory compliance and litigation

Today modern Healthcare IT professionals are facing many challenges, such as keeping up with rapidly changing innovation in the ICT sector, keeping patient growing data, safe and secure and ensuring interoperability of a variety of IT systems while remaining HIPAA compliant. Managing legacy systems on servers managed on-premises while addressing performance and sensitive information by adopting a cloud approach, we assist IT professionals to refocus on what matters most—delivering high-quality patient care. With the increase in electronic monitoring comes an exponential increase in big data that must be securely stored and archived. Our auditable cloud tiered storage makes this data explosion more affordable, by lowering the costs of inactive data. When your success is measured in lives saved, every second your systems are down critical. Our solutions ensure that you quickly recover lost files or even full-scale disasters and return to operations.