Networking and ISP

Every second your system is down is potentially time online that clients cannot be billed for. As public and private cloud continue to develop, more and more services are gathering in the cloud. As part of this ecosystem, we assist SME to stay ahead of the curve, by utilizing global interconnects with key carriers. We provide quick deployment and speed of new services, dramatically increased demands in flexibility, scalability, we manage the big data volume transmitted between data centres and users, and manage large volume service, carrier connectivity and (DR) Disaster Recovery service provisioning capabilities. CloudINX has the ability to connect clients anywhere and provide an array of customized internet and managed service solutions.

What is an INX
An (INX) Internet Network exchange point or (IXP) is a physical network access point. Locations through which major network providers connect their networks and exchange traffic. The primary focus of an exchange is to facilitate network interconnection Internet exchange points or POPS (Points of Presence.) These nodes are created in regions around teh world to minimize the part of an Internet service provider’s (ISP) network traffic that traverses through an upstream provider. These locations provide a commonplace (COIN) Community of Interest for business to exchange their Internet traffic between autonomous network systems. The exchange points are often established in the same city to avoid latency and provide fast caching services for customers wanting to implement a content delivery network (CDN)

An Internet exchange is a marketplace that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect networks and exchange IP traffic. Peering is the exchange between two independent networks for the benefit of both networks. We offer access to a variety of peering exchanges. The true value of a cloud exchange resides in the ecosystem of service providers on that exchange, and how easy it is to connect to those providers. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud.

We provide low latency network compute performance and easily manage the network availability and flexibility that comes with dedicated connectivity via the cloud Exchange for Internet peering. The Cloud Exchange is an Ethernet platform that provides dynamic, real-time one-to-many connections into a community of public, private and speciality cloud providers as well as supporting service providers.

The Internet is a global system of interconnected and CDN and cloud networks—essentially a network of networks. An Internet exchange is a marketplace that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect these networks and exchange IP traffic. A one-to-many Ethernet connection to the cloud, purpose-built for the delivery of cloud-based IT resources and applications.