Smart City

Smart Grid Cloud Solutions

As a Cloud Service Provider specialized in Cloud applications, we assist and develop fully-connected, Disaster Redundancy for today’s smart grid solutions for every aspect of the electric power industry. An electrical grid is a large, interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. It consists of three main components: power generating plants, transmission lines, and transformers that reduce voltage for final delivery. It is crucial to an electrical power grid to constantly monitor, enhance and optimize Energy Management in a secure and timely manner.

Securing city big data, and the ability to quickly analyse it. 

Selecting the right data storage communications solution to use in the Energy Management process is a key factor in successfully running any electrical grid. Our solutions for electric power grids comprise a fault tolerant and resilient real-time data access archival and retrieval systems for power dispatchers. This network allows dispatchers to communicate with peers at the district, regional, and substation levels. The mission-critical data across communications network is built with multiple levels of redundancy and network flow algorithms to insure that all communications get to their destination securely and recoverable in the event of any outages.

In extreme data load conditions in the network, voice video and data are stored in destinations using a dynamic look ahead routing mechanism and by predefined priority rules. All the calls in the dispatch system are recorded and can be stored off site any a range of our secure data centres for future analysis and review. Our solutions build a reliable, efficient, and green grid by encrypting data that needs to be archived and backed up, and retrieved, using wired and wireless high-speed caching across networks to implement real-time, reliable transmission storage of data, which can be consolidated and managed by a cloud data center. Utilizing access and communications technologies to enable comprehensive sensing (IOT) of electricity nodes.

Enabling electricity and utility operators to perform intelligent analysis and management of electricity data related services.

Cloud Solution Highlights:

Storage and fast retrieval of Mission-critical services and applications

UC&C including large voice and video retrieval and storage

Single, dual control, and hot standby redundancy options

Dynamic rerouting mechanism for handling peak conditions

Robust, reliable expandable data for hundreds of sites

Central network data monitoring

Smart City

Fast-growing data and the explosive need for on demand Information is changing the way we live, work and play.

The Smart City disaster recovery solution is a comprehensive system that features top-level design, integration, operations, service applications, and hybrid infrastructure. Cities use new the Cloud to connect, store and archive, analyze key data from city operations and management systems, so that IT managers can intelligently respond to a variety of governance, security and business needs.