Rail systems can be divided into several categories, including light trains, metro rails, heavy rail, subways and more.
Reliable retrievable communications is a crucial component in any railway system, especially when it comes to human safety.

Efficient railway operations rely on accurate, on-time communications between stations, control and dispatch centers, and rolling stock, to ensure safety, security and uninterrupted service .Railway communications generate vast amount amounts of data across their systems and must therefore provide reliable data solutions and asset managment for their signalling, voice, video, and data traffic along railway lines and across backbone transmission networks. Railway data systems operations require reliable, fault-tolerant and mission-critical accessibility of their communications. 

Types of communications services include dispatch and control recording, line side communications and signalling archiving. In this increasingly globalized world, transportation is more important than ever. Modern society requires traffic and transportation systems that are green, safe, and efficient.

We ensure a green environment by limiting the amount of legacy hardware used onsite, in out dated data centres. CloudINX provides convenient data management and logistics for digital railway, digital urban rail, and smart airport and shipping solutions. Using cloud computing, Big Data, the IoT, agile networking, BYOD, LTE/4G.

Our Cloud solutions enhance ICT utilization in the transportation industry to help customers offer optimal transportation services, make travel more efficient, future proofed, convenient, improved data logistics, tracking efficiency, and better transportation safety. Our Cloud solutions for the transport industry is based on a fault tolerant secure data management system design with hot standby options, robust networking over different infrastructures, highly configurable routing schemes, and open standards including storage of important CCTV, rail crossings information and other data related systems.

Our applications include emergency lineside systems and automated level crossing systems solutions.

Cloud Transport Solution Highlights:

    • Data storage and scalability.

    • Hot standby option.

    • Ability to address onsite issues, and view dataimmediedly through a web interface.

    • Reliable communications over standard interfaces.

    • Meet technical and safety requirements of emergency data storage of lineside communications.

    • Fault tolerance and data resiliency capabilities such that even if the core network infrastructure suffers multiple breaks, data is always availbale.

    • Harmonized methods for interconnecting legacy platforms of multi-vendor equipment.

    • Connectivity to the Public. Private, Hybrid cloud networks using a range of backhaul options.

    • Ability to provide innovative data security features within a heterogeneous environment.

    • Robust list of supplementary cloud services to enhance business communications.