Storage as Service AI For Cloud.
Complete Control Over Storage Configurations and Services

The power of enterprise storage without the cost and complexity of owning and managing storage infrastructure.

Our Storage solution addresses the growing need for scalable, enterprise-class data storage with a pure OpEx, “as-a-service” business model that is fully-managed, reducing staffing requirements, requires no up-front EQUIPMENT purchase, eliminates wasted capacity and never becomes obsolete.

Businesses worldwide recognize the benefits of the Cloud. Yet, most databases and applications run in corporate data centres because the Cloud lacks simplicity and enterprise features. We overcome this critical limitation by combining the best of the Cloud and enterprise. With speed and agility at the exchange.

We offer automated enterprise cloud storage solutions that eliminate the risks associated with enterprise storage by delivering industry-leading enterprise SAN, NAS and Object storage as a fully-managed service with 24/7 proactive monitoring and support, backed by a 100%-uptime guarantee, and wrapped in a pay-only-for-what-you-use model.

Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service Scalable enterprise solutions deployed as private, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure. We Consolidate traditionally and Next-Generation IT Environments Block and file storage support client-server databases, applications, and physical and virtualized hosts. Object storage supports containerized, cloud-native, and serverless applications running in the Cloud or at teh edge. You determine the configuration of enterprise cloud storage.

You're always in control.

We support big data capacity to deliver performance for high-speed data with the block and file cloud volumes: containerization, virtualization,

Run containers directly on cloud storage environments using the embedded Docker platform. We Optimize virtual machines with VMware-certified enterprise cloud storage. While We transform your business with zero-risk enterprise storage to a predictable, on-demand, pay-per-use, elastic service that dramatically simplifies planning, streamlines budgeting, and improves return on investment (ROI)