More about the CloudINX

CloudINX is a Tier One Converged Service Provider (CSP) focused on deploying large scale connected solutions.

CloudINX operate in a layer between Cloud vendors and private Enterprises, integrating various global Cloud services making it easier for businesses to manage, navigate, integrate & consume Cloud services, whilst reducing cost and risk at the same time. We leverage off our global supply chain of the world's leading vendors, data centre providers and upstream network providers. CloudINX assists international clients with their global strategy, telecommunication services connecting international networks through secure connected hubs. Organizations around the world recognise that a neutral design and delivery solutions team is required for unbiased ISP solutions; Addressing the network life cycle requirements of telecom carriers and technology providers

CloudINX is backed by partners that keep mission critical IT infrastructure running.

CloudINX provides high speed, big data compute, archiving and scalable storage next generation CSP and custom network services.

We offer a Cloud a SaaS management platform solution that delivers Cloud efficiencies never before achieved. We use the power of the elastic Cloud to perform predictive analytics and proprietary AI algorithms to leverage the AWS'​ Spot Market and reduce EC2 Cloud computing costs by 60% to 80%.

CloudINX best use on internet backbone solutions.

  • Cloud Global Connect
  • Cloud Local Connect
  • Cloud Data Centre Security,
  • Cloud Managed Cloud Security
  • Cloud Data centre Solutions, colocation services
  • Cloud Archive, DR and Backup
  • Cloud Public Cloud
  • Cloud Software as a Service
  • Cloud Compute and Storage
  • Cloud PBX/Telephony

    What is an INX
    An (INX) Internet Network exchange point or (IXP) is a physical network access point /locations through which major network providers connect their networks and exchange traffic. The primary focus of an exchange is to facilitate network interconnection Internet exchange points or POPS (Points of Presence) These nodes are created around the world to minimize the part of an Internet service provider’s (ISP) network traffic that traverse  through an upstream provider. These locations provide a common place (COIN) Community of Interest for business to exchange their Internet traffic between autonomous network systems. The exchange points are often established in the same city to avoid latency and provide fast caching services for customers wanting to implement a content delivery network (CDN)An Internet exchange is a marketplace that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect networks and exchange IP traffic. Peering is the exchange between two independent networks for the benefit of both networks. We offer access to a variety of peering exchanges, including the NAP Internet peering  that interconnected to leading global peering exchanges such as AMS-IX, DE-CIX,

    Africa Cloud Exchange 

    Connecting where it matters 

    The true value of a cloud exchange resides in the ecosystem of service providers on that exchange, and how EASY it is to connect to those providers. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud,

    Achieve low latency network compute performance and easily manage the network availability and flexibility that comes with dedicated connectivity via the cloud Exchange for Internet peering. The Cloud Exchange Internet peering is the largest peering exchange in Africa and has hundreds of ISPs connected providing a choice of connectivity providers, providing customers interconnection and peering opportunities through simple, direct connections. The Cloud Exchange is an Ethernet platform that provides dynamic, real-time one-to-many connections into a community of public, private and specialty cloud providers as well as supporting service providers. NAP Africa is a neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point, located within each of the data centre facilities in South Africa. Instead of costly multiple direct links to different providers, a single peering point allows multiple networks and ISPs to interconnect using an exchange environment. 

    Key Benefits of Peering 
    The Internet is a global system of interconnected and CDN and cloud networks—essentially a network of networks. An Internet exchange is a marketplace that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect these networks and exchange IP traffic. A one-to-many Ethernet connection to the cloud, purpose-built for the delivery of cloud-based IT resources and applications. 
    For more information and who is peering where visit

    Benifits of NAP Peering 
    Managed Services operated by CloudINX at NAP Africa.

    • Neutral, layer 2 Internet exchange (IX) point
    • IPv4 and IPv6 are available;
    • Flexible and scalable connectivity available from fast Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet; 
    • 100% free peering: no membership or port fees;
    • Multi-lateral peering arrangements available
    • Bi-lateral peering arrangements available
    • The greatest carrier diversity in Africa
    • The most content available in Africa; (CDN)
    • The largest active peering community in Africa
    • An open marketplace where all clients can do business with one another, without restriction;
    • Virtual network interconnections allow for rapid provisioning of one-to-one and one-to-many interconnects;
    • Lower costs ISPSs avoid the costs of third-party networks by connecting to upstream 1st tier providers 
    • Lower Latency Peering creates faster, more direct data flows with fewer network hops on the cloud network
    • Increased Redundundency Peering increases available paths through strategic partners improved routing, efficiency and fault tolerance.

    Connect to Customers through a Community of Interest (directly at the exchanges) 

    As CloudINX. We facilitate connections to other leading exchange providers in Africa
    Being connected to the right networks is key to low latency and minimum network hops. With hundreds of network deployments and access to the largest peering exchanges connected data centres allow network customer traffic to flow seamlessly anywhere in the world. 

    The Johannesburg exchange point JINX, which is an autonomous arm of the Internet Service Providers' Association of South Africa. JINX started operating in 1996 and DINX located in Durban, South Africa.

    Keeping local traffic local 

    The Internet exchanges (INXes) provide the neutral facilities for ISPs and operators of Internet Protocol (IP) networks to connect and exchange traffic (peer) in South Africa, and connect to the Cloud. Peering encourages the routing of domestic Internet traffic by providing an optimal path for traffic to reach other networks within the same city, country or continent. By keeping local traffic local we reduce the usage of expensive long-distance links and improve overall network performance. Connecting to any of the INXs through CINX easy, and open to any customer’s network that has its own IP address space and an autonomous system number.  

    Multiple Paths to Increased Network Density

    Both regional and national carriers are expanding their reach economically by joining one of many carrier-neutral data centre campuses. Regional carriers grow their service capabilities, reduce costs and take advantage of new opportunities and inter connected networks to leverage on-net footprints. National carriers extend their reach and save money by reselling local network footprints and paying for only the interconnections they need within our data center campuses.

    A Cloud content delivery network (CDN)

    A system of distributed servers (network) that deliver content /pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. CDNs also provide protection from large surges /spikes in traffic and are used by content providers for local caching purposes a (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and is used for large file in a data exchange.

    CDNs are a necessary layer in the internet ecosystem. 

    Content owners such as media companies and e-commerce vendors pay CDN /Cloud operators to deliver their content to their end users. (With low latency and no buffering on their content.) A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a group of servers at an INX strategically placed across the globe with the purpose of delivering static content to users much faster. When a visitor makes a request to a website, that request is routed to the nearest possible CDN edge server, thus reducing latency and improving site speed. (Cloud caching) Technology is constantly changing which means it is important to have a fast loading website for your visitors. Websites have to deliver more data and clients need to store and deliver large content than ever before. CDNs networks are becoming an increasingly popular method of content delivery across COIN networks. 

    Performance and Scalability and Security - Content is cached around the world.

    Performance is by far one of the most important benefits from implementing a CDN. The shorter distances to users will not only reduce latency but also minimize packet loss. Upon performing various tests in many geographical locations, we've seen a CDN reduce website latency on average by 73% compared to websites running without a CDN. Scalability is another huge benefit as offloading traffic to a CDN will make it easier to manage traffic spikes and scale up or down within a short amount of time. This will result in less load on your server and help minimize any downtime. Since a typical website is comprised of approximately 80% static content, a significant portion of your assets will be delivered in a faster, more efficient manner from the CDN..A content delivery network can provide additional security. Since a majority of your data traffic is no longer being served from your origin server, but rather from the edge servers (CDN Provider), this allows them to mitigate DDoS attacks on equipment.

    The servers located at each PoP are called “edge servers.” Edge servers are a simply proxy caches, which work in a similar way to the cache in your web browser. They don’t generate the content for the website. Instead, they keep a copy of the content in a cache. The dispersion of PoPs will vary from CDN to CDN. Certain providers prefer to cover more ground with small-capacity servers, while other CDNs aim to maintain fewer, high-capacity PoPs. One important aspect to take into consideration when designing a CDN's architecture is to find out where strategic PoPs are located. Depending upon where a particular website's visitors are coming from, this could be a deciding factor. We have a choice of presence in strategic global 150+ locations. 

    The advantages of an INX include:

    High speed data transfer between data centres and networks
    Reducing latency for networks and CDN providers
    Providing fault tolerance
    Improving routing efficiency
    Improving bandwidth

    The physical INX infrastructure includes MANY high-speed network Ethernet switches. That connects to the Cloud network. The traffic exchange is enabled by the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The traffic exchange is managed through a mutual peering agreement between clients and CSPS/ ISPs. They normally specify the routes through the contractual peering relationship. Clients may choose to route the traffic through their own addresses or addresses of other providers in the network. In some scenarios, the Cloud INX serves as the intermediary broker and link provider and local facility to back up, archive and store  and retrieve data  for quick and cost effective usage and to allow data exchange to pass through in case of a data failure.

    What is Rack Colocation?

    As A cloud independent network exchange and colocation provider we rent out space in purpose built data centres in key geographical locations in which customers can install their networking equipment, but will also provide the necessary high density power, bandwidth, IP address and HVAC cooling and monitoring systems that the customer will require in order to successfully deploy their network equipment. At the cloud exchange We lease space and racks for colocation services –. We then interconnect equipment to other network providers and exchanges forming a cloud. We offer deployable solutions that offer maximum agility scalability of cabinets, racks cages and private suites addressing a wide range of our customer’s colocation and cloud networking requirements with the ability to scale as our client’s business grows.

    We offer a private separate cage area, tailored for additional security solution that provides more space and configuration flexibility in a dedicated area of the data centres in which we operate. Optional biometrics and entrance security. We provide a multi deployment configuration within the secure confines of a floor to ceiling section. We work closely with you every step of the way—from designing an efficient layout for optimised cooling and floor space, we project manage the entire process off on time delivery manage cabling and dedicated  power feeds, to make sure all your secure data centre needs are met.

    Data Centre Cabinets 

    We offer fully customised 47U lockable racks optimised for cooling that can be deployed in a matter of days and is flexible enough to meet the needs of all your evolving ICT infrastructure requirements

    Every second your systems are down is potentially time online that clients cannot be billed for. As public and private cloud continues to develop, more and more services are gathering in the cloud. As part of this ecosystem We assist SME to stay ahead of the curve, by utilizing global interconnects with key carriers. We provide quick deployment speed of new services, dramatically increased demands in flexibility, scalability, and manage the big data volume transmitted between data centres and users; we manage large volume service, carrier connectivity and (DR) Disaster Recovery service provisioning capabilities. by utilising Advanced Algorithms, (M2M) Machine to machine an (AI) Artificial Intelligence designed specifically for faster cloud computing working with Alibaba, Microsoft, Azure, Google Cloud GCP and Amazon AWS Clouds.

    We are committed to helping emerging customers transform and meet the challenges of a new Internet era. CloudINX has the ability to connect clients anywhere, and provide an array of customized internet and managed service solutions. We have worked on many exciting projects with our clients ranging from satellite connectivity, content distribution, data node replication and undersea fibre carriers connectivity, implemented secured disaster recovery plan and solutions for Countries, Enterprises and SMEs, BIG Data Archiving storage, Cloud compute and encryption and client server backup solutions.
    CloudINX Business provides complete Infrastructure and software as a service options to its customers. With software services such as hosted exchange, desktop as a service, cloud backup as a service as well as hosted line of business applications, CloudINX Business has the competency to provide virtualized line of business applications to its customers. The software as a service services are run in the CloudINX carrier grade Business data centres where customers enjoy very low latency and carrier grade security to their data. All of this comes at very competitive rates. For services that require professional services and custom deployments, CloudINX Business has the resources and expertise to draw in support from the vendors as well as partners to provide the best in class solution to its customers. All of this comes with full redundancy and protection.

    Key advantages of SaaS from CloudINX Business:

      • Secure
      • High speed
      • No maintenance
      • Cost-effective
      • Increased productivity
      • 24/7 Support

    Public Cloud

    CloudINX Business partners with Microsoft to deliver one of the best Cloud computing services available with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

    Azure hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both worlds: more IT options, less complexity and cost, more simplicity. Being a Cloud competency accreditation holder and a Cloud Service Provider we working closely in partnership with Microsoft, CloudINX Business has great access to the resources and support from within Microsoft as well as internal competencies to design and deliver Azure solutions to its customers.

    CloudINX Business also provides connectivity to the Azure public cloud platforms through its managed global MPLS connectivity. All of this as a managed service to enable customer transition to the cloud
    Key advantages of the Public Cloud from CloudINX Business:

      • Scale as you need
      • Increased productivity
      • Extend your existing IT
      • Protect your data
      • Run your apps anywhere
      • Use an open and flexible cloud service platform

    Data Center as a Service

    CloudINX Business has always been forward thinking in seeking new business opportunities with its focus on Data Protection, ICT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

      • Out-of-city location for enhanced Disaster Recovery capabilities
      • Purpose built DR .data centre building
      • Site and Building raised above any possible flood-plain
      • No Windows design for additional security
      • N+1 Data Centre Backup Power with continual running capabilities
      • 24/7 Access Security and Perimeter Patrols + Video surveillance
      • Multi-path, High-bandwidth communications from independent suppliers with CloudINX wireless and satellite backup

      • Managed Security

        Protecting information assets has become a priority for enterprises that need  to meet compliance requirements or need to protect sensitive data. The challenge for these enterprises is implementing robust security practices while keeping investment and operational costs contained. Our  Security as a Service offers a way for enterprises to access security services that are robust, scalable and cost effective. Through our partners, SaaS delivers a cost-effective, enterprise-class security in a simple All-in-One solution where the security is managed by a team of experts leaving customers free to focus on growing their business.

        Key advantages of SaaS from CloudINX Business:

          • Peace of mind against viruses, spam, dangerous applications and malicious websites
          • Manage web and applications users can access
          • Comprehensive reporting
          • Controlled bandwidth usage
          • Continuous automatic security updates and upgrades
          • 24x7 customer support team

        CloudINX Local Connect

        Extend your office network across town, across the country, or into the cloud. Our Local Connect service delivers data and applications that can help improve your business performance. We offer a complete, highly available Ethernet and MPLS portfolio with business continuity and management tools. It is ideal for connecting your locations, creating regional or national networks and for migrating legacy services. We can offer the right solution whatever the size or needs of your business and we will work closely with you to customize the service to suit your needs.

        CloudINX Local connect is a fully managed network with CloudINX providing a complete managed solution; the design, equipment procurement, installation, maintenance and fault management being performed by CloudINX with a stringent SLA, 24x7x365.

        Key advantages of Local Connect from CloudINX Business

          • Fast lane for critical applications
          • Scalable
          • National Coverage plus connect to the rest of the world with CloudINX Global Connect for International coverage
          • Flexible
          • Control at your fingertips – upgrade level of service or prioritise traffic when you need it

        CloudINX Global Connect

        Global Connect offers unique service delivery platform. A portfolio that consists of MPLS, SD WAN, Ethernet and Dedicated Internet Access services. The services provide a dedicated resilient, reliable and secured network that simplifies your communications converging your voice, video and data applications onto an integrated IP network.  

          • CloudINX uses sub-sea fibre system and multiple redundant cables that form a fibre ring around Africa and connect to the rest of the world.
          • Global managed private network access reach through best-of-breed partners with dedicated POPs located in key locations around the world. The service is offered as an ‘end to end Managed

        Key advantages of Global Connect from CloudINX Business

          • Local, regional and global reach
          • Secure and reliable high bandwidth network
          • Lower total cost of ownership
          • Complete managed services portfolio
          • QoS maintained across Global Connect

        Key advantages of SaaS from CloudINX Business
        Peace of mind against viruses, spam, dangerous applications and malicious websites
        Manage what internet sites and web applications users can access
        Comprehensive reporting
        Controlled bandwidth usage
        Continuous automatic security updates and upgrades
        24x7 customer support team

    Managed Services

    CloudINX Business Managed Service is based on global standards and best practice methodologies. We base all our processes on the ITIL V3.0 framework and world class proactive monitoring tools which provide effective visibility, management of information on the services and infrastructure performance, availability and uptime. These processes and services ensure we can provide our customers with the highest level of support available. CloudINX Business Managed Services provides a predictable monthly cost to your business with the aim of reducing your normal OPEX spend.

    A professional Single Point of Contact (SPOC) through our 24 x 7 Service Desk
    In-life technical support initiated from the customer through CloudINX Business Manages Service Centre (MSC), as required
    CloudINX Business Managed Services provides a predictable monthly cost to your business with the aim of reducing your normal OPEX spend.

    Cloud PBX/Telephony

    CloudINX Business Cloud Telephony is an innovative business communication service that is hosted and managed by the CloudINX Network rather than installed at your premises. This managed service delivers the complete call handling features associated with a traditional premise based PBX system along with enhanced solutions such as unified communications, collaboration and call centre services. CloudINX Business Cloud Telephony is available on a pay as you use plan, enabling businesses to use the latest PBX and unified business communication features without any of the upfront costs traditionally associated with a new system purchase. In the event of a disaster, business will go uninterrupted as no physical PBX sits on the premises where it could potentially be damaged. It’s an incredibly fast and easy way to take control of an emergency situation and ensure that its business as usual for you and your customers. CloudINX Business Cloud PBX solution enables calls to be redirected to other predefined destinations, in case of disasters.

    Key advantages of Cloud PBX or Telephony from CloudINX Business

      • Easy and quick to install
      • Scalable and flexible to fit your growing business
      • High-definition voice quality
      • Improved productivity through Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) features and functionalities
      • Secure and reliable
      • Eliminate up-front CAPEX
      • No on-going maintenance or upgrade expenses