More about the CloudINX

CloudINX assists clients with their Cloud services, by connecting international networks and providers through securely attached hubs. Organisations around the world recognise that a neutral design and delivery solutions team is required for unbiased ISP solutions with quick access to a cloud orchestration platform.; Addressing the network life cycle requirements of telecom carriers and technology providers CloudINX is backed by partners that keep mission-critical IT infrastructure running.

CloudINX provides high speed, big data computer, archiving and scalable storage next generation CSP and custom network services. We offer a SaaS management solution that delivers cloud software to our clients.

As a CSP, We provide reliable, secure, solutions to power a vibrant ecosystem of services that accelerate business growth, increase agility and support long-term scalability, we will help you get connected, stay connected, in the cloud;

Our global Ethernet service gives you the security and service quality of a Layer 2 and 3 point-to-point or point-to-multipoint the private network, combined with the simplicity and flexibility of simplified Ethernet technology. IT architecture that is built upon a global tier1 distributed switched Ethernet mesh fabric, where all services are automatically protected with the ability to specify pre-configured alternate and redundant routes to minimise the impact of any network disruption.

CloudINX offers clients a variety of billing options too, including flat rate, tiered and burstable application, cloud and network services for exact on-demand network services, ideal for clients who cannot predict their monthly bandwidth needs

Cloud Internet Services
High-speed, reliable Internet access for enterprises and carriers from the core of the network. With access to the fastest and most reliable Internet experience available anywhere. Whether you are an enterprise, content provider, carrier or cloud service provider, our simple network solutions provide the scalability and performance that organisations need to connect to the cloud.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
IP Transit
Broadband Internet Service

Whether you are looking to connect remote locations, access the Internet and cloud networking services, or improve day-to-day ICT collaboration, We design a flexible tailored solution for your business requirements.

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